JVET JEM software


JVET is the Joint Video Exploration Team (on Future Video coding) of ITU-T VCEG and ISO/IEC MPEG founded in October 2015.

JEM software

The reference software for the JVET group was named Joint Exploration Model (JEM). The software effort was originall started by VCEG under the name HM KTA. The software repository therefore contains the some version tags using the old KTA name. Recent versions are tagged unter the new name JEM. The JEM software is based on the HEVC Model (HM) software that has been jointly developed as reference (example) software for the HEVC standard.

The software is maintained in a Subversion repository. Please use a Subversion client to access the repository links directly or use the source browser for web browser access.


JVET chairs

  • Gary J. Sullivan
  • Jens-Rainer Ohm

JEM software coordinators

  • Xiang Li
  • Karsten Suehring