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#159 Encoder/decoder mismatch defect blocker fixed
#160 Windows debug release version coding results not the same for some frames defect major fixed
#161 valgrind reports many errors in DepQuant.cpp defect major fixed
#162 valgrind reports errors in BestEncInfoCache::isValid defect major fixed
#164 Deblocking filter doesn't use correct data for IBC blocks defect major fixed
#171 Encoder crash: Negative shift in TrQuant.cpp defect major fixed
#177 Encoder decoder mismatch for VTM-4.0rc1 defect major fixed
#133 Tool flags are added to SPSNext() defect minor VTM-3.0 fixed
#145 Non-normativity issue when disabling JVET_L0256_BIO macro defect minor VTM-3.0 wontfix
#149 CPR and reference picture reordering crashes decoder defect minor VTM-3.0 fixed
#153 MMVD selects GBI index from invalid array defect minor VTM-3.0 fixed
#155 M0264 HMVP with GBI Index sets GBI index incorrectly defect minor fixed
#163 DebugBitstream broken defect minor fixed
#168 Interaction between M0140 (SBT) and M0297 (MTS Zero Out) defect minor fixed
#170 Draft/software misalignment for M0421 defect minor fixed
#174 SW and Spec mismatch related to wide angle defect minor VVC D4 v1 fixed
#176 reshaper and hash ME may use wrong IBC mode indication defect minor fixed
#178 valgrind error related to JVET-M0823 defect minor fixed
#181 Fix of the DQP signaling when there are multiple luma TUs defect minor fixed
#184 JVET-M0908 (deblocking): mismatch between text and software defect minor fixed
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