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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#474 BDPCM HLS not aligned with specification text defect minor VTM-6.0 fixed
#496 Encoder/Decoder mismatch appears when specific user-defined scaling list is signalled defect minor VTM-6.1 fixed
#499 MIsmatch with spec on rpls_poc_lsb_lt parsing defect minor VTM-6.1 fixed
#512 Palette crash with kimono-444, singletree, low-delay, lowqp (qp=2), PLT=1 defect minor VTM-6.1 fixed
#522 Issue on APS activation defect minor VTM-6.1 fixed
#524 dereferencing of NULL pointers for APSs defect minor VTM-6.1 fixed
#526 Max number of tiles in rectangular slice defect minor VTM-6.1 fixed
#527 Performance of IBDI = 12 is worse than IBDI = 10 on top of VTM-6 defect minor VTM-6.0 fixed
#530 Return of incorrect variable for getscalingListPresentFlag() in Slice.h defect minor VTM-6.1 fixed
#531 Signalling of virtual boundaries in PPS defect minor VTM-6.1 invalid
#534 Bug in user-defined scaling list defect minor VTM-6.1 fixed
#536 wraparound failed due to clipMv defect minor VTM-6.1 fixed
#552 Error with uniform bricks after JVET_O0173_O0176_O0338_NUMBRICK_M2 defect minor VTM-6.1 fixed

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#620 MSYS2/MinGW/GCC9: InterpolationFilter_avx.cpp: x86 compile trying to use x86-64 intrinsics defect blocker VTM-6.2
#572 Incorrect use of chroma distortion weights if Cb and Cr QP offsets differ (affects perceptual QPA, may affect SBT in HDR-PQ CTCs) defect major VTM-6.1
#505 Missing context initialization for TsResidualSign in BDPCM mode defect minor VTM-6.0
#507 Signalling of RPL in slice header of IDR picture defect minor VTM-6.1
#542 The proposal displaying information on the input video. defect minor VTM-6.1
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