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#615 Missing independent layer implementation defect major VTM VTM-6.2
#712 Encoder uses the STSA picture type on pictures such that STSA restrictions are violated defect major VTM
#722 VTM master branch encoder crash for YUV444 coding defect major VTM
#573 Issue when POC is reset on IDR defect minor VTM VTM-6.1
#576 bCTUboundary condition for CCLM filtering incorrect defect minor VTM VTM-6.2
#669 MIP larger than 64x64 CU defect minor VTM VTM-7.0rc1
#676 Fix rate control with WCG_EXT defect minor VTM VTM-7.0rc1
#705 #defect name by decode files defect minor VTM VTM-7.0
#707 Mismatch on context index derivation of transform_skip_flag and mts_idx between WD and SW enhancement minor VTM VTM-7.0
#716 pps_dep_quant_enabled_flag not defined defect minor spec VVC D7 vE
#726 Encoder's reconstructed yuv file doesn't match decoder's reconstructed yuv file at rev=ea822544 defect minor VTM
#748 VTM 7.0 decoder slower than VTM 6.2 decoder enhancement minor VTM VTM-7.0
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