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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#93 Encoding results mismatch due to Hadamard SAD 8bits SIMD path new major BMS
#207 VTM + 360Lib tries to read input/reference file even is E2E quality metrics are not enabled new major 360Lib
#215 Encoder fails when WP is enabled (WeightedPredP/WeightedPredB=1) new major VTM
#17 harmonization of new arithmetic coders and signaling of window sizes new minor HM-16.6-JEM-2.0 JEM
#21 Motion vector overflow problem new minor JEM
#27 COM16_C983_RSAF leads to encoding/decoding mismatch if RDOQ or SignHiding off new minor JEM
#35 TransQuantBypass not working new minor JEM
#38 redundant MC process under the JVET_C0024_PBINTRA_FAST new minor HM-16.6-JEM-4.0 JEM
#59 Infinite loops new minor BMS
#78 encoder rootCbf calculation bug new minor BMS
#126 bug for calculating target bits in rate control in case of TemporalSubsampleRatio not equals to one new minor VTM
#132 Mismatch between specification and software in the order of syntax elements for intra prediction new minor VTM
#139 patch complementary for #126: about frame rate format in case of rate control new minor VTM
#143 runtime error when INTRA_FULL_SEARCH set to 1 new minor VTM-3.1 VTM
#144 Initialization of List 1 motion vector is missing in getInterMMVDMergeCandidates(..) function. new minor VTM
#189 VTM (encoder and decoder) not compiling when deactivating SIMD new minor VTM
#202 pcm data signaled before pred_mode at encoder new minor VTM-4.0.1 VTM
#205 Encoder fails encoding with --TransquantBypassEnable=1 new minor VTM
#206 Support .y4m input new minor VTM
#208 Bug in DMVR when wrap around MC is enabled new minor VTM
#209 Exception thrown in 'estIntraPredChromaQT' function reopened minor VTM-4.1 VTM
#225 Alignment between spec and implementation in Affine Merge new minor spec
#226 Windows debug & release coding results not the same when IBC is ON for VTM4.0 new minor VTM
#246 Inconsistent bits calculation for different merge modes at encoder new minor VTM
#257 The BDPCM CU level flag is signaled even if BDCPM is disabled per config. file parameter new minor VTM
#266 Motion Lut is not reset at the beginning of tile new minor VTM
#271 Motion vector rounding: tiny contradiction between N0335 integration and the meeting decision new minor spec
#287 Fast encoder search for MTS defect new minor VTM
#290 Mismatch on collocated subblock location in SbTMVP between VTM and spec new minor spec
#294 ALF disabling at slice and tile boundaries not working new minor VTM
#295 Mismatch with spec on bS derivation when both sides of the edge have intra_bdpcm_flag equal to 1 new minor VTM
#300 Encoder may produce uncompliant AlfCoeff for Chroma assigned jennylai minor VTM
#306 Redundant clipping in new minor VVC D5 v8 spec
#309 APS with same ID referenced from different slices new minor spec
#310 Type of syntax element slice_num_alf_aps_ids_luma new minor spec
#311 Scaling list bugs (N0847) new minor VTM
#314 Mismatch with spec on sao_merge_left_flag and sao_merge_up_flag new minor VTM
#315 Inter issues related to global variables new minor spec
#317 Mismatch with vtm on mvp_l1_flag parsing new minor spec
#318 Missing initialization of MvdCpL0 array new minor spec
#319 IBC BV range description new minor VVC D5 v9 spec
#321 mvd_l1_zero_flag semantic new minor spec
#322 Parsing condition for ISP split flag new minor spec
#323 Mismatch in Affine MVP candidate list construction between VTM and spec new minor spec
#324 Mismatch in equation 8-784 with SW new minor spec
#325 Redundant syntax parsing related to IBC restriction for 128x128 blocks new minor spec
#326 AddressSanitizer: heap-buffer-overflow new minor VTM
#331 cu_cbf is set to 0 when BDPCM is 1 new minor spec
#333 Transform / Quantization Bypass Missing new minor spec
#334 cu_qp_delta_abs is not using context coding new minor VTM
#335 Chroma qp offset syntax element missing new minor spec
#336 Explicit RDPCM syntax element missing new minor spec
#337 Cross component prediction tool in VTM but not described in spec new minor VTM
#338 transform depth 0 is used in coding tu_cbf_cb for CU using SBT new minor VTM
#339 Mismatch between SIMD_ENABLE macro ON and OFF new minor VTM-5.0 VTM
#340 Bug in the ISP text new minor spec
#342 CTU boundary position not computed correctly for Chroma deblocking new minor VTM
#343 Mismatch with spec in merge_data() syntax new minor VTM
#344 spatial merge candidate derivation process with wrong prunings new minor spec
#345 Mismatch with spec on slice_address coding new minor VTM
#346 Mismatch with spec on terminatingBit sending new minor VTM
#348 Wrong parsing decision of merge_subblock_flag new minor VTM
#350 Parcat crash when user-defined scaling list is used new minor VTM
#352 VTM encoder not compiling when activating WPP_PARALLELISM new minor VTM
#353 Spec draft fix for BDOF related new minor spec
#354 Spec draft fix for BDOF related new minor spec
#355 Undefined Behavior Sanitizer : multiple errors (encoding / decoding) new minor VTM
#356 Mismatch with spec on parsing depending on num_ref_pic_lists_in_sps new minor VTM
#358 Fixes related to BDPCM new minor spec
#359 Typo in derivation of HMVP candidates for inter mode coding new minor 360Lib
#360 Spec text fix for primary transformation process (Clause new minor spec
#362 Mismatch with spec on bcw_idx coding and parsing new minor VTM
#363 Multiplication Overflow in ALF Classification new minor VTM
#364 QP Prediction Doesn't Recognize Slice/Tile/Brick Boundaries new minor VTM
#365 Slice::checkCRA( ) crashes decoder new minor VTM
#366 Dual-Tree I-slices within P/B Frames new minor VTM
#367 IBC and Triangle with Weighted Prediction new minor VTM
#368 Slice Initialization Issues new minor VTM
#62 Invalid read of size 1 in parcat new trivial BMS
#320 Typos new trivial VVC D5 v9 spec
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