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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1594 Mismatch between VVC spec and VTM for sample generation in CCLM process new defect major
#1607 Wrong sign (+ instead of -) in Fig 16 Flowchart for decoding a decision in the ITU text new defect minor
#1609 NoBackwardPredFlag derivation ambiguity new defect minor
#1617 Not initialized NumCtusInSlice[0] to 0. new defect minor
#1618 [Multilayer Profiles] Potential Mismatch of VTM22.0 & Specification Related To Derivation Process For Merge Motion Vector Difference new defect minor
#1624 Incorrect indexing in computation of motion vector offset new defect minor
#1627 "Decoding process for palette mode" does not say what to do with output samples new defect major
#1628 Derivation of ModeTypeCondition should say "one or more" new defect trivial
#1629 mtt_split_cu_vertical_flag context uses undefined variable chType new defect minor
#1630 Missing equations for applying AmvrShift new defect minor
#1631 Should "Motion vector storing process for geometric partitioning mode" store HpelIfIdx? new defect minor
#1632 Incorrect indexing used for choosing matrix intra sample prediction new defect minor
#1634 Matrices QStateTransTable,levelScale,AlfFixFiltCoeff,AlfClassToFiltMap are incorrectly transposed new defect minor
#1635 Incorrect inference for tu_y_coded_flag new defect minor
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