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#669 MIP larger than 64x64 CU new defect minor
#670 JVET-P0158: Apply ALF VB on the bottom CTU row new defect minor
#671 Inference rule missing for num_tiles_in_slice_minus1? new defect minor
#672 Inference rule for pt_present_flag[0] new defect minor
#673 Mismatch on MMVD range new defect minor
#676 Fix rate control with WCG_EXT new defect minor
#677 Memory bandwidth calculation in DMVR and BDOF new defect VTM-7.0 minor
#678 JVET-P1026 - DST-7/DCT-8 TUs with coefficients outside 16x16 region new defect minor
#679 Mismatch between SW and spec on CG size for TS Chroma new defect minor
#680 Mismatch between SW and spec on DepQuant state transition new defect minor
#681 Incorrect scaling list dc coeff derivation in case scalingListId == PredListId new defect minor
#682 Incorrect IBC motion compensation in Encoder path when weighted pred is enabled new defect minor
#683 Encoder fails (core dump) after first picture when using a different coding structure new defect minor
#684 Misalignment between VTM and VVC draft for PDPC new defect VVC D7 vC minor
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