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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1025 --TargetOutputLayerSet=<intermediate OSLs> fails to decode new defect major
#913 Invalid LevelIDC in DCI for multi-layer new defect minor
#918 StreamMergeApp outdated new defect minor
#924 Encoder crash when setting MinQTChromaISlice larger or equal to 32 new defect minor
#929 Encoder hangs when too few frames in source file new defect minor
#944 [residual_coding] wrong TransCoeffLevel derivation when ph_dep_quant_enabled_flag is 1 ? new defect minor
#959 Coding loss of LMCS with Kimono 420 new defect minor
#977 writing outside of allocated memory new defect minor
#981 Mismatch when slice_ts_residual_coding_disabled_flag is enabled reopened defect minor
#988 Decoder mismatch for lossless coding when RDOQ is enabled at config new defect minor
#992 Encoder bug when min QT size is 128 and intra dual tree off new defect minor
#1017 Missing the check of maximum transform size when CtbSizeY is 32 new defect minor
#1024 add check on sps_max_luma_transform_size_64_flag new enhancement minor
#1043 Decoder crashes when encoding with command options: --MMVD=0 --FastMrg=0 --MaxNumMergeCand=1 --MaxNumGeoCand=0 new defect minor
#1104 Inconsistency between two rate-distortion costs in the case of a I-slice in 4:0:0 new defect minor
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