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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#3 Compilation can fail for TEncSearch.cpp XiangLi task minor JEM
#934 Potential issue in determining vertical luma interpolation filter coefficients task minor spec
#957 Factor SubWidthC used with scaling_win_top_offset? task minor spec
#15 New VS work spaces enhancement minor HM-16.6-JEM-3.0 JEM
#61 path names in #include enhancement minor VTM
#64 Better description of cube face alignement in documentation enhancement minor 360Lib
#112 redundant TMVP derivation when the PU size is 8x8 for the ATMVP enhancement minor VTM
#117 Redundant memory copy in predInterSearch() enhancement minor VTM
#217 misalignment between VTM and spec text regarding MRG_MAX_NUM_CANDS enhancement minor VTM-4.1 VTM
#219 HDR lumaDQP support bitdepth other than 10bit enhancement minor VTM-5.0 VTM
#297 some TMVP code that can be cleaned up enhancement minor VTM
#306 Redundant clipping in enhancement minor VVC D5 v8 spec
#380 support of slice/tile boundary checking for O1109 enhancement minor VTM-6.0 VTM
#486 variables used in section are confusing enhancement minor spec
#492 LFNST index condition in Table 9-82 enhancement minor spec
#565 Removal of wTL for PDPC enhancement minor spec
#605 Editorial comment in Derivation process for subblock-based temporal merging candidates enhancement trivial spec
#612 Confusing text in Derivation process for collocated motion vectors enhancement minor spec
#614 Editorial comments on Filtering process for a luma sample using long filters enhancement minor spec
#639 Redundant condition i < num_slices_in_pic_minus1 in PPS syntax enhancement minor spec
#686 bracket missing in 8-1271 enhancement minor spec
#692 typos in eq.(7-5) in section Video parameter set RBSP semantics enhancement trivial spec
#693 Typo in eq.(7-6) in Video parameter set RBSP semantics enhancement trivial spec
#694 Typo in eq.(7-7) in Video parameter set RBSP semantics enhancement trivial spec
#707 Mismatch on context index derivation of transform_skip_flag and mts_idx between WD and SW enhancement minor VTM-7.1 VTM
#738 unnecessary configure warnings when setting MaxNumTriangleCand to less than 6 enhancement trivial VTM-10.0 VTM
#748 VTM 7.0 decoder slower than VTM 6.2 decoder enhancement minor VTM-7.1 VTM
#769 Not matched names between pps_joint_cbcr_qp_offset_value in syntax table/semantics and pps_joint_cbcr_qp_offset in eq.(1124) enhancement trivial spec
#995 Editorial suggestion for picture_header_in_slice_header_flag single slice constraint enhancement minor spec
#1152 yL in eq. (938) enhancement minor spec
#1155 Redundant check of ciip flag in deblocking enhancement minor VTM-10.0 VTM
#1260 Capital letter missing. enhancement minor spec
#1274 clarity improvement for DMVR bounding box enhancement minor spec
#1297 Last rectangular slice in frame is not always locate in bottom right corner enhancement minor VTM
#1298 Last rectangular slice in frame is not always locate in bottom right corner enhancement minor VTM
#1463 More encoder configuration parameters for chroma dQP enhancement minor VTM-12.1 VTM
#1506 Clarification question on spec vs VTM for temporal motion buffer compression process for collocated motion vectors enhancement major VTM-14.0 spec
#1 Patch for trace files defect minor JEM
#2 A bug with ATMVP defect minor JEM
#4 Compiling warning/error with gcc 4.6.3 defect minor HM-14.0-KTA-2.0 JEM
#5 HM-16.6-JEM-1.0 Compiling error when only VCEG_AZ07_FRUC_MERGE is enabled defect minor JEM
#6 HM-16.6-JEM-1.0 Compiling error when VCEG_AZ07_FRUC_MERGE is off but VCEG_AZ05_BIO is on defect minor JEM
#7 HM-16.6-JEM-1.0 Compiling warning when only COM16_C1044_NSST is on defect minor JEM
#8 HM-16.6-JEM-1.0 Compiling error when both VCEG_AZ07_BAC_ADAPT_WDOW and VCEG_AZ05_MULTI_PARAM_CABAC are disabled and VCEG_AZ07_INIT_PREVFRAME enabled defect minor JEM
#9 HM-16.6-JEM-1.0 Compiling error when VCEG_AZ07_INTRA_65ANG_MODES is off defect minor JEM
#10 HM-16.6-JEM-1.0 Compiling error when VCEG_AZ06_IC is off but COM16_C1045_BIO_HARMO_IMPROV is on defect minor HM-16.6-KTA-2.0 JEM
#11 HM-16.6-JEM-1.0 Compiling error when only COM16_C983_RSAF is enabled defect minor HM-16.6-KTA-2.0 JEM
#12 ALF with temporal prediction breaks intra-independency XiangLi defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-1.1 JEM
#13 Decoder crash when using -d 8 for 8 bit yuv output defect minor JEM
#14 uninitialised memory read in JEM1.0 XiangLi defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-2.0 JEM
#16 Segmentation fault with VC2010 debug version under Cygwin defect minor JEM
#17 harmonization of new arithmetic coders and signaling of window sizes defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-2.0 JEM
#18 Memory leak in JEM3.0rc1 decoder defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-3.0 JEM
#19 Define JVET_C0024_QTBT off cause crash XiangLi defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-3.1 JEM
#20 Bug in PDPC rate computation defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-3.1 JEM
#21 Motion vector overflow problem defect minor JEM
#22 typo in derivation of context index for non-MPM luma intra mode coding defect minor JEM
#23 Mismatch between sequential and parallel encoding when intra period equals to GOP size defect trivial JEM
#24 Define JVET_C0024_QTBT off cause compile error defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-3.2 JEM
#25 Encoder bugs in quantization when QTBT is enabled defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-4.0 JEM
#26 #define JVET_B058_HIGH_PRECISION_MOTION_VECTOR_MC 0 defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-3.2 JEM
#27 COM16_C983_RSAF leads to encoding/decoding mismatch if RDOQ or SignHiding off defect minor JEM
#28 Memory leak in JEM3.1 encoder defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-3.2 JEM
#29 Mismatch between estLastSignificantPositionBit and codeLastSignificantXY defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-3.2 JEM
#30 Use of uninitialized Cabac coder for Intra 128x128 blocks defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-3.2 JEM
#31 Mismatch between encoder and decoder when 4x4 coding with large QP defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-3.1 JEM
#32 INIT_LAST in not intialized properly defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-4.0 JEM
#33 Block level IC flag may be on when slice level IC flag is off defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-4.0 JEM
#34 intra-fast encoder-side decisions based on possibly incorrect obmc pred buffer defect minor JEM
#35 TransQuantBypass not working defect minor JEM
#36 Floating-point QP not working defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-4.1 JEM
#37 m_pppcPredYuvBest buffer correction defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-4.1 JEM
#38 redundant MC process under the JVET_C0024_PBINTRA_FAST defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-4.0 JEM
#39 encoder bug of delta QP defect trivial HM-16.6-JEM-4.1 JEM
#40 ALF crash when image height is greater than image width defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-4.1 JEM
#41 Bug related to parallel processing where float-point QP is used defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-5.1 JEM
#42 CTU bits/distortion calculation mistake for I slice when QTBT is enabled defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-4.2 JEM
#43 Different coding performance when D0127 is on/off defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-5.1 JEM
#44 Inconsistent implementation of zero-out for large transforms defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-5.1 JEM
#45 Console output error of nQP when LCU level rate control is enabled defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-5.1 JEM
#46 Assertion failed with --ASR=1 defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-5.1 JEM
#47 WS-PSNR weighting for vertical SSP defect minor 360Lib
#48 Memory size for m_entropyBits defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-6.0 JEM
#49 Possible memory leak when using ACP defect minor 360Lib
#50 Macro error related to EMT defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-6.1 JEM
#51 Possible bug during ERP to RVP conversion in PSNR computation defect minor 360Lib
#52 HM+360Lib software encoder crashes when the input and coded picture size are equal defect minor 360Lib
#53 Wrong initialization of multi-value input fields in TAppEncCfg for WCG. defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-6.1 JEM
#54 Bug in RSP Projection defect major HM-16.6-JEM-6.1 360Lib
#55 #pragma optimize("", off) in JEM7.0 defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-7.1 JEM
#56 WS-PSNR (codec) weight bug for ECP defect major 360Lib
#57 Inconsistent comparison of invalid motion vectors defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-7.2 JEM
#58 issue on full size PERP coding defect critical HM-16.6-JEM-7.2 360Lib
#59 Infinite loops defect minor BMS
#60 Missing split for the case TU_MAX_TR_SPLIT in IntraSearch::xEncCoeffQT defect minor BMS
#62 Invalid read of size 1 in parcat defect trivial BMS
#63 Bug fix of the case when both WCG_EXT and FULL_NBIT macro is 1. defect minor BMS-2.0 BMS
#65 typos and unused variables in section 6.4 defect minor VVC D2 v2 spec
#66 422 chroma format defect major VTM
#67 Implicit vertical BT split at picture boundary issue defect minor VVC D2 v2 spec
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