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#200 NULL-pointer crash of VTM 4.0.1rc1 in HDR config after JVET_M0428_ENC_DB_OPT integration defect critical VTM
#195 Mismatch on class F when AMVR is off and IBC is on defect major VTM VTM-4.0
#197 Mismatch between parallel and sequential encoding under RA conditions defect major VTM VTM-4.0
#188 Encoder crash when set MaxNumMergeCand less than 4 defect minor VTM VTM-4.0
#193 getIBCMergeCandidates() does not consider JVET_M0170_MRG_SHARELIST defect minor VTM VTM-4.0
#196 Enc/Dec mismatch for Inter MTS in class F defect minor VTM VTM-4.0
#199 bug in shaper for high bitdepth defect minor VTM VTM-4.0
#202 pcm data signaled before pred_mode at encoder defect minor VTM VTM-4.0

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#198 Decoder crash when disabling dependent quantization defect minor VTM VTM-4.0
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