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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1448 Typo in section C.6 General sub-bitstream extraction process defect minor spec
#1449 VTM generates incorrect .opl for multi-layers streams defect major VTM-12.2 VTM
#1450 VTM generates incorrect .opl of multi-layer conformance streams defect major VTM-12.2 Conformance
#1451 Spec/SW mismatch: chroma interpolation with RPR and 4:4:4 defect minor VTM-12.0 VTM
#1452 Incorrect source in HDRmetrics when temporal prefilter is enabled defect minor VTM-12.0 VTM
#1453 Overflow in RPR scaling calculation defect minor VTM-12.0 VTM
#1454 Typo in (Palette coding syntax) defect minor spec
#1455 Cannot decode GDR conformance bitstream defect major VTM-12.1 VTM
#1456 Incorrect DPB flush when mixed NALU types is enabled defect minor VTM-12.0 VTM
#1457 rplIdx variable for list 1 is not always set in parseSliceHeader() defect minor VTM-12.0 VTM
#1458 printout wPSNR defect minor VTM-12.0 VTM
#1459 Support issue on JVET_U0103_HIGH_BIT_DEPTH_SIMD defect minor VTM-12.0 VTM
#1460 Missing reset of violatesMtsCoeffConstraint defect trivial VTM-12.0 VTM
#1461 Enabling chroma dQP does not exercise the feature as expected defect minor VTM-12.1 VTM
#1462 Encoder/decoder mismatch when activating chroma dQP defect minor VTM-12.1 VTM
#1463 More encoder configuration parameters for chroma dQP enhancement minor VTM-12.1 VTM
#1464 Non-conforming values of sn_subpic_id_len_minus1 defect minor VTM
#1465 Crash when decoding mixed nalu leading pictures defect minor VTM
#1466 Incorrect check on sps virtual boundaries constraint defect minor VTM-12.1 VTM
#1467 std::sort() may cause cross-platform performance mismatch defect minor VTM
#1468 Parcat don't remove duplicate prefix SEI defect minor VTM-12.1 VTM
#1469 A typo in JVET-T2001-v2 defect minor VVC D10 spec
#1470 Possible mismatch spec/VTM CC-ALF defect major VTM
#1471 Decoder crashed when DebugBitstream is present defect minor VTM
#1472 RPR motion interpolation and 4:4:4 defect minor Conformance
#1473 fix initialization of m_initialCpbRemovalOffset in SEIBufferingPeriod class defect minor VTM-12.1 VTM
#1474 Issue on RPL compliance check after MR 2026 (Fixes for tickets #961, #1455 and #1447) defect minor VTM-12.2 VTM
#1475 Problem with parsing SMultiValueInput defect minor VTM-12.1 VTM
#1476 Issue on picture output after MR 2026 (Fixes for tickets #961, #1455 and #1447) defect minor VTM-12.2 VTM
#1477 Bad aud_pic_type value defect minor Conformance
#1478 Issue on sps_field_seq_flag defect minor VTM-12.2 VTM
#1479 Need a bracket or else in D.2.1 defect minor VUI/SEI
#1480 Wrong order of coding initial_cpb_removal_delay and initial_cpb_removal_delay_offset defect minor VTM-12.2 VTM
#1481 LMCS updating issue defect minor VTM
#1485 adding conformance checking in VTM decoder for LMCS defect minor VTM
#1486 Typo: 'partitioining' defect minor spec
#1487 potential bug in void EncSampleAdaptiveOffset::deriveLoopFilterBoundaryAvailibility() of VTM13.0 defect minor VTM
#1488 Incorrect equation in D.7.2 Subpicture level information SEI message semantics defect minor spec
#1489 Cleanup of variable names for m_iSourceWidth and m_iSourceHeight defect minor VTM-13.1 VTM
#1490 Some pictures are not output when bitstream has mixed NALUs with CRA subpicture defect minor VTM
#1491 Mismatch of text in & Figure 16 defect minor spec
#1492 cfg_sliFractions and cfg_sliNonSubpicLayersFractions have incorrect range defect minor VTM
#1493 Unclear variables in for split_cu_flag defect minor spec
#1494 Error with brackets and operator precedence in equation 433 defect minor spec
#1495 Encoder crashes for multi-layer encoding and GDR_ENABLED=1 defect minor VTM
#1496 fix palette parsing defect minor VTM-14.0 VTM
#1497 Encoder crash for RGB content when TransformSkip and LFNST are disabled defect minor VTM-14.0 VTM
#1498 Decoder mismatch following fix to #1497 defect minor VTM-14.0 VTM
#1499 Mismatch on a bitstream constraint for RExt tools for low bitdepth defect minor VTM-14.0 VTM
#1500 problem with croma components for format 4:2:2 packed defect major VTM
#1501 Wrong slice type when GDR enabled in LDP configuration defect major VTM
#1502 Low bit-depth encoding fails due to the check in riceStatReset defect minor VTM-14.0 VTM
#1503 Unchecked unsupported combination of TransformSkip and TSRCRicePresent defect minor VTM-14.0 VTM
#1504 CpbVclFactor etc. values of operation range extension profiles defect minor spec
#1505 Encoder fails to start encoding under CTC for high bit-depth defect minor VTM-14.0 VTM
#1506 Clarification question on spec vs VTM for temporal motion buffer compression process for collocated motion vectors enhancement major VTM-14.0 spec
#1507 Clarification questions on VTM compression for collocated motion vectors defect major VTM-14.0 VTM
#1508 Call to verifyPlane in VideoIOYuv::read uses wrong chroma format defect minor VTM
#1509 Lossless RGB encoder issue defect minor VTM-14.1 VTM
#1510 default scaling window is not set from conformance window in SPS defect minor VTM
#1511 Typo in Table 76 defect minor spec
#1512 Mismatch VTM/spec on locSumAbs derivation (Range Extension) defect major VTM-14.0 VTM
#1513 Clarification on Rice parameter derivation process defect minor spec
#1514 Potential memory leak for m_sdiSEIInFirstAU and m_maiSEIInFirstAU defect minor VTM-14.1 VTM
#1515 Overflow in ALF derivation process when bitdepth > 10 defect minor VTM-15.0 VTM
#1516 access unit APS Nals are not reset when skipping layer defect minor VTM-16.0 VTM
#1517 Potential Mismatch between VVC Spec and VTM Reference C Decoder Model defect critical spec
#1518 Minor bug in xInitSPS that wrongly checks virtualBoundariesEnabledFlag() instead of virtualBoundariesPresentFlag() defect trivial VTM
#1519 Mismatch VTM/spec in DMVR process for bitdepth > 10 defect minor VTM-16.0 VTM
#1520 Subclause 8.6.1 - IBC SINGLE_TREE case processing chroma in monochrome defect minor spec
#1521 Missing a default/inferred value for alf_cc_cb/cr_filters_signalled_minus1 defect critical VTM-12.0 spec
#1522 profile_idc for 16 bit profiles defect minor VTM
#1523 VTM does not compile in ARM environment defect minor VTM-16.0 VTM
#1524 Issue on CRA output when NoOutputBeforeRecoveryFlag =1 defect minor VTM
#1525 delete sps pointer in the storeSPS() function whereas it will be used later in the caller function defect minor VTM
#1526 Typo in defect minor spec
#1527 Bug in reference picture list construction for dependent layers defect minor VTM-16.0 VTM
#1528 Wrong GDR POC computation for Intra refresh area in EncCu.cpp defect minor VTM
#1529 Affine constructed candidates are misidentified as valid or invalid for GDR in getAffineMergeCand process defect minor VTM
#1531 Error processing conformance bitstreams in high bit depth mode defect major VTM
#1532 Outdated VUI parameters (vui_UHD_PQ, vui_HD.cfg ) defect trivial VTM-16.0 VTM
#1533 Typos in initValue/shiftIdx Tables defect minor spec
#1534 Intra reference sample subsitution process uses incorrect indexing ( defect major spec
#1535 Problem with unary_function defect minor VTM-16.0 VTM
#1536 VTM encoder generates non decodable stream because of incorrect numExpSliceInTile defect major VTM-15.0 VTM
#1537 Bad memory access in DecLib::checkLayerIdIncludedInCvss defect minor VTM
#1538 Bad value for gci_num_additional_bits defect minor Conformance
#1539 Bad value for sps_bitdepth_minus8 defect minor Conformance
#1541 remRegBins calculation in xRateDistOptQuant looks not correct for 64x64 transform defect minor VTM-16.1 VTM
#1542 QPA algorithm does not work properly when internal bitdepth is 8 defect minor VTM-16.1 VTM
#1543 BIM index out of bounds error defect minor VTM-16.1 VTM
#1544 sb_coded_flag definition lacks size of a sub-block defect minor spec
#1545 Incorrect name in bp_num_cpb_removal_delay_deltas_minus1 definition defect minor VUI/SEI
#1546 Incorrect range for m_cpbRemovalDelayDelta defect minor VTM-16.1 VTM
#1547 sb_coded_flag non-present inference logic error defect critical spec
#1548 A bug in a constraint that requires same content for redundant copies of an SEI message defect minor spec
#1549 IsAvailable variable setting for luma component defect minor spec
#1550 Typo in (Picture header structure semantics) defect minor spec
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