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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#450 RA coding has encoder/decoder mismatch in HDR PQ CTC (Luma deltaQP enabled) defect major VTM-6.0 VTM
#454 Encoder crash when IBC=1 and IMV=0 defect minor VTM-6.1 VTM
#455 LeakSanitizer: detected Memory leaks defect minor VTM-6.0 VTM
#456 Issue of SCIPU in YUV444 defect major VTM-6.0 VTM
#459 PROF with weighted prediction defect minor VTM-7.0 VTM
#464 Sub-CTU QPA code affects HDR coding via updateLambda() even when sub-CTU QPA is disabled defect major VTM-6.0 VTM
#465 invalid block vector for IBC detected defect minor VTM-6.0 VTM
#469 multiple slice mode does not in VTM6.0 defect major VTM
#474 BDPCM HLS not aligned with specification text defect minor VTM-6.2 VTM
#476 Scaling list addressing after adding palette prediction (MODE_PLT) defect minor VTM
#477 VTM6.0 decoder crashes when RExt__DECODER_DEBUG_BIT_STATISTICS is on defect major VTM-6.1 VTM
#478 MVD value may exceed entropy coding limit in VTM-6.0 defect minor VTM
#481 ALF: Wrong endWidth in filtering defect minor VTM
#484 VTM 6.0 encoder crashes due to bestCS without CU defect major VTM-6.1 VTM
#490 VTM 6.0 crash in SCC TGM conditions defect minor VTM
#491 stack-use-after-scope in xIBCEstimation() defect major VTM-6.1 VTM
#493 chroma residue scaling cannot be enabled in I-slice IBC mode when DualITree=0 (non-CTC) defect minor VTM-6.1 VTM
#496 Encoder/Decoder mismatch appears when specific user-defined scaling list is signalled defect minor VTM-6.2 VTM
#499 MIsmatch with spec on rpls_poc_lsb_lt parsing defect minor VTM-6.2 VTM
#503 Field coding broken defect minor VTM-7.2 VTM
#512 Palette crash with kimono-444, singletree, low-delay, lowqp (qp=2), PLT=1 defect minor VTM-6.2 VTM
#514 Encoder crash when disabling MMVD defect minor VTM-6.1 VTM
#522 Issue on APS activation defect minor VTM-6.2 VTM
#524 dereferencing of NULL pointers for APSs defect minor VTM-6.2 VTM
#526 Max number of tiles in rectangular slice defect minor VTM-6.2 VTM
#527 Performance of IBDI = 12 is worse than IBDI = 10 on top of VTM-6 defect minor VTM-6.2 VTM
#528 Bug in wave front processing defect minor VTM
#530 Return of incorrect variable for getscalingListPresentFlag() in Slice.h defect minor VTM-6.2 VTM
#531 Signalling of virtual boundaries in PPS defect minor VTM-6.2 VTM
#534 Bug in user-defined scaling list defect minor VTM-6.2 VTM
#536 wraparound failed due to clipMv defect minor VTM-6.2 VTM
#538 (MSYS2/MinGW, GCC 9.2.0) Slice.cpp: reading 256 bytes from a region of size 64 defect minor VTM
#551 Misalignment between Spec and VTM sw on ALF clipping value derivation defect minor VTM
#552 Error with uniform bricks after JVET_O0173_O0176_O0338_NUMBRICK_M2 defect minor VTM-6.2 VTM
#560 RPR - Use of reference picture PPS pointers defect minor VTM-7.0 VTM
#561 RPR - Issues with clipping and padding defect minor VTM-7.0 VTM
#562 RPR - Calculation of refHeight defect minor VTM-7.0 VTM
#563 RPR - Combination with BDOF defect minor VTM-7.0 VTM
#568 RPR - Sub-PU Grouping defect minor VTM-7.0 VTM
#569 RPR - Clipping unscaled MVs defect minor VTM-7.0 VTM
#571 RPR - Multiplication Overflow defect minor VTM-7.0 VTM
#573 Issue when POC is reset on IDR defect minor VTM-7.1 VTM
#574 Different results between sequential and parallel encoding XiangLi defect minor VTM-7.0 VTM
#575 RPR is not working defect major VTM
#576 bCTUboundary condition for CCLM filtering incorrect defect minor VTM-7.1 VTM
#610 Mismatch when coding 4:2:2 sequences with IBC on. defect minor VTM-7.0 VTM
#611 CompositeLTReference is not working defect minor VTM
#615 Missing independent layer implementation defect major VTM-7.1 VTM
#621 Issue with BDOF offset calculation defect major VTM
#631 Valgrind detects uninitialized variables are being used defect minor VTM
#632 TMVP is checked before TMVP setting at encoder defect minor VTM-7.0 VTM
#633 [MIP] encoding failure (Error: block size not supported for MIP) defect minor VTM-7.0 VTM
#635 Uninitialized variables are being used in the latest master (b0a1f053d97b439c6ae55b5d3171fc8e0f584f8c) defect minor VTM
#642 typo in function xPredIntraPlanar defect minor VTM
#643 VTM 7.0rc1 fails to build under Visual Studio defect minor VTM-7.0 VTM
#648 Issue in residual_lfnst_mode() in case of local dual tree defect minor VTM-7.0 VTM
#656 "mtsIdx[compID]==0 (DCT2xDCT2)" is used in chroma when lossless encoding defect minor VTM-7.0 VTM
#660 encoder always exits when chroma format is not 4:4:4 defect minor VTM-7.0 VTM
#662 P0154 - Overflow in SIMD PROF defect minor VTM
#664 Mutiple slices/tiles is not working defect major VTM-7.0 VTM
#669 MIP larger than 64x64 CU defect minor VTM-7.1 VTM
#670 JVET-P0158: Apply ALF VB on the bottom CTU row defect minor VTM
#676 Fix rate control with WCG_EXT defect minor VTM-7.1 VTM
#688 RPR - picture size is not set for scaled reference pictures defect minor VTM-7.0 VTM
#705 #defect name by decode files defect minor VTM-7.1 VTM
#707 Mismatch on context index derivation of transform_skip_flag and mts_idx between WD and SW enhancement minor VTM-7.1 VTM
#712 Encoder uses the STSA picture type on pictures such that STSA restrictions are violated defect major VTM-7.1 VTM
#714 Problem with lossless defect minor VTM
#719 A strange message. defect minor VTM
#722 VTM master branch encoder crash for YUV444 coding defect major VTM-7.1 VTM
#724 MIsmatch with spec: log2_parallel_merge_level_minus2 does not exist in spec defect minor VTM
#726 Encoder's reconstructed yuv file doesn't match decoder's reconstructed yuv file at rev=ea822544 defect minor VTM-7.1 VTM
#728 Incorrect bit cost count of force 0 ALF coefficients in ALF encoder RD estimation defect minor VTM
#730 Violation issue in access to the array chromaCandModes defect minor VTM
#731 Inconsistency between low delay configuration files defect minor VTM
#733 Weighted prediction with negative reference index defect minor VTM-10.0 VTM
#735 Constrained Intra Prediction is not present in spec defect minor VTM
#738 unnecessary configure warnings when setting MaxNumTriangleCand to less than 6 enhancement trivial VTM-10.0 VTM
#743 Line 1539 code of DepQuant.cpp in VTM master source seem to be error defect minor VTM
#744 Overflow in joint Cb/Cr transform defect minor VTM-7.2 VTM
#745 ALF Boundary Issues defect minor VTM
#748 VTM 7.0 decoder slower than VTM 6.2 decoder enhancement minor VTM-7.1 VTM
#750 Mismatch with spec regarding delta QP signaling defect minor VTM
#755 sw-spec mismatch of sps_ptl_dpb_hrd_params_present_flag and sps_reserved_zero_Xbits defect minor VTM
#756 Wrong increment in merge IBC defect minor VTM
#759 bug of writeSEImessages defect minor VTM-8.0 VTM
#763 Mismatch on signaling log2_max_transform_skip_block_size_minus2 between WD and SW defect minor VTM-7.2 VTM
#770 Decoder cannot parse generated bistream when FastMrg is set to 0 and MMVD is set to 0. defect minor VTM-7.2 VTM
#774 Error RdCost defect minor VTM-7.2 VTM
#778 A bug for combination of CIIP and WP defect minor VTM-7.2 VTM
#779 A bug for combination of IBC and WP defect minor VTM-7.2 VTM
#782 RPR - Use of reference picture PPS pointers defect minor VTM-7.2 VTM
#784 RPR - Combination with PROF defect minor VTM-7.2 VTM
#785 JVET-O1168 - Mismatch when enabling CU-level chroma QP offsets defect minor VTM
#786 JVET-P1001: Encoder / decoder deblocker mismatches for chroma QP defect minor VTM
#787 Enc/Dec mismatch for RPR with 1.5x defect major VTM-7.2 VTM
#788 JVET-P1001 related: chroma QP for remote CU is wrong if the remote CU is local dual-tree defect minor VTM-7.2 VTM
#794 Mismatch on getting wide angle intra mode between text and VTM defect minor VTM-8.1 VTM
#799 uninitialized DC for predicted scaling list when scaling_list_pred_id_delta equal to 0 defect minor VTM
#800 out of range vector access defect minor VTM
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