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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1192 Issues with tile_idx_delta rewriting in subpicture extraction process defect minor VTM-10.0 VTM
#926 JEVT-Q0505: Scaling list prediction from non-existent chroma lists defect minor spec
#224 JVET-M0281 for IBC AMVP defect minor spec
#184 JVET-M0908 (deblocking): mismatch between text and software defect minor VTM-4.0 VTM
#471 JVET-O0050 - Context derivation for mode_constraint_flag defect minor spec
#374 JVET-O0055 with DMVR SAD Doubled defect minor VVC D6 vD spec
#375 JVET-O0105 ICT - QP for TuCResMode = 3 defect minor VTM
#386 JVET-O0272 with alignment between SW and text and one corner case bug fixed defect minor VTM-6.0 VTM
#407 JVET-O0297 - DMVR with reference wraparound defect minor VTM-6.0 VTM
#405 JVET-O0366 - Simplified BCW inheritance assigns BCW index to non-bipred CUs defect minor spec
#373 JVET-O0590 with DMVR SAD Doubled defect minor VTM-6.0 VTM
#438 JVET-O0650 - Chroma QP Signalling - handling of delta_qp_in_val_minus1 = 0 defect minor spec
#785 JVET-O1168 - Mismatch when enabling CU-level chroma QP offsets defect minor VTM
#651 JVET-P0091: Reduction of BDOF mvRefineThres to +/- 15 defect minor spec
#670 JVET-P0158: Apply ALF VB on the bottom CTU row defect minor VTM
#1042 JVET-P0978 RPL constraint checks fail defect major VTM
#788 JVET-P1001 related: chroma QP for remote CU is wrong if the remote CU is local dual-tree defect minor VTM-7.2 VTM
#786 JVET-P1001: Encoder / decoder deblocker mismatches for chroma QP defect minor VTM
#678 JVET-P1026 - DST-7/DCT-8 TUs with coefficients outside 16x16 region defect minor spec
#859 JVET-Q0089 - TS residual coding disabled with dependent quantization defect minor spec
#943 JVET-Q0346: Non-existent scaling list default matrix defect minor spec
#999 JVET-Q0488 Integration - PicUnitRepConSeiList defect minor spec
#1264 JVET-Q0814: incorrect calculation / verification of VPS DPB parameters defect minor VTM-10.1 VTM
#1263 JVET-Q0814: incorrect encoding of max_dec_pic_buffering_minus1 in VPS defect minor VTM-10.0 VTM
#1136 JVET-S0249 AHG3: Bugfix to LMCS with multiple slices in VTM-9.0 encoder defect minor VTM
#492 LFNST index condition in Table 9-82 enhancement minor spec
#1408 LFNST zero out incorrect when JVET_R0351_HIGH_BIT_DEPTH_ENABLED is 1 defect minor VTM-11.0 VTM
#1058 LMCS APS data regarding aps_chroma_present_flag defect trivial spec
#1481 LMCS updating issue defect minor VTM
#1286 LTRP_A_ERICSSON_1: current picture in reference picture list defect minor Conformance
#89 Large amount of padding defect minor VTM
#1297 Last rectangular slice in frame is not always locate in bottom right corner enhancement minor VTM
#1298 Last rectangular slice in frame is not always locate in bottom right corner enhancement minor VTM
#455 LeakSanitizer: detected Memory leaks defect minor VTM-6.0 VTM
#743 Line 1539 code of DepQuant.cpp in VTM master source seem to be error defect minor VTM
#757 LmcsPivot constraint issue defect minor spec
#120 Location clipping of the collocated block in the ATMVP derivation is still buggy in the spec defect minor spec
#789 Log2 issue in CCLM defect minor spec
#790 Log2 issue in subpicture signaling defect minor spec
#1176 Longterm Reference pictures number setting defect minor VTM
#1175 Longterm Reference related uninitialized variables defect minor VTM-10.0 VTM
#1509 Lossless RGB encoder issue defect minor VTM-14.1 VTM
#1502 Low bit-depth encoding fails due to the check in riceStatReset defect minor VTM-14.0 VTM
#229 M0101_HLS - Byte Alignment Backwards defect minor VTM-4.1 VTM
#169 M0102 ISP breaks non-ISP prediction defect minor VTM
#214 M0147 - Mismatch of an adopted element(25 points) in VTM defect major VTM-4.1 VTM
#210 M0147 DMVR interpolation filter incorrect for bit depth != 10 defect minor VTM
#155 M0264 HMVP with GBI Index sets GBI index incorrectly defect minor VTM-4.0 VTM
#213 M0277 FIX_PCM_DISABLEFILTER broken defect minor VTM-4.1 VTM
#173 M0427 reshaping not being applied to lossless/PCM blocks defect minor VTM-4.1 VTM
#156 M0464 integration applies transform skipping to chroma defect minor VTM
#211 M0483 IBC Bugs defect minor VTM-4.1 VTM
#669 MIP larger than 64x64 CU defect minor VTM-7.1 VTM
#252 MIP tool off tests by using cfg and macro have different results defect minor VTM-5.0 VTM
#280 MIsmatch on expGoOrderY and expGoOrderC derivation between VTM and spec defect minor spec
#285 MIsmatch with spec on alf_luma_coeff_delta_sign interpretation defect minor VTM-5.1 VTM
#291 MIsmatch with spec on locSumAbsPass1 derivation for abs_level_gtx_flag and par_level_flag defect minor VTM-5.1 VTM
#499 MIsmatch with spec on rpls_poc_lsb_lt parsing defect minor VTM-6.2 VTM
#724 MIsmatch with spec: log2_parallel_merge_level_minus2 does not exist in spec defect minor VTM
#519 MIsmatch with vtm on cu chroma qp offset enabling defect minor spec
#153 MMVD selects GBI index from invalid array defect minor VTM-4.0 VTM
#99 MSYS/MinGW not yet supported well defect minor VTM
#1072 MSYS2, MinGW64, GCC 10.1: stringop-overflow in UnitTools.cpp defect minor VTM-10.0 VTM
#305 MTS candidate ordering if LFNST is used defect minor VTM-5.1 VTM
#284 MV rounding for IBC AMVP mode defect minor spec
#478 MVD value may exceed entropy coding limit in VTM-6.0 defect minor VTM
#483 MVD value may exceed entropy coding limit of 32 bits in CABACWriter::exp_golomb_eqprob defect minor spec
#50 Macro error related to EMT defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-6.1 JEM
#1247 Max DPB size (A.4.2) defect minor spec
#526 Max number of tiles in rectangular slice defect minor VTM-6.2 VTM
#908 Maximum number of PH wpred weights defect minor spec
#18 Memory leak in JEM3.0rc1 decoder defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-3.0 JEM
#28 Memory leak in JEM3.1 encoder defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-3.2 JEM
#1370 Memory leak in `EncCu::xCheckRDCostMergeGeo2Nx2N` defect major VTM-11.2 VTM
#141 Memory release problem in HMVP XiangLi defect minor VTM-3.1 VTM
#48 Memory size for m_entropyBits defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-6.0 JEM
#1080 MemorySanitizer: use-of-uninitialized-value in DecApp.cpp defect minor VTM
#1355 Merge index for GPM candidate 1 defect minor spec
#715 MinCbLog2SizeC is not defined defect minor spec
#292 Minor TrafoSkip Residual Coding Issues defect minor VVC D5 v8 spec
#1518 Minor bug in xInitSPS that wrongly checks virtualBoundariesEnabledFlag() instead of virtualBoundariesPresentFlag() defect trivial VTM
#766 Minor editorial issue defect minor spec
#706 Minor editorial issue for CclmEnabled derivation in 8.4.4 defect minor spec
#946 Minor editorial modification in 8.4.2. defect minor spec
#729 Minor error in the assignment of ctxInc to tu_cbf_cr[ ][ ] defect minor spec
#1053 Minor issue on the condition of vps_ols_dpb_params_idx defect minor spec
#541 Misalignment between JVET-O2001vE and VTM-6.1 on chroma deltaQP when local dual tree is used defect minor spec
#551 Misalignment between Spec and VTM sw on ALF clipping value derivation defect minor VTM
#684 Misalignment between VTM and VVC draft for PDPC defect minor VVC D7 vC spec
#1353 Misalignment with spec when setting max filter length in xDeblockCU defect minor VTM-10.1 VTM
#990 Misleading definition of limited EGk binarization, leading to errors in its invocation defect minor spec
#652 Misleading variable names in TSRC sections defect minor spec
#1519 Mismatch VTM/spec in DMVR process for bitdepth > 10 defect minor VTM-16.0 VTM
#1512 Mismatch VTM/spec on locSumAbs derivation (Range Extension) defect major VTM-14.0 VTM
#502 Mismatch between SW and Spec on PDPC to angular intra modes defect minor spec
#554 Mismatch between SW and Spec on Triangle Merge index defect minor spec
#603 Mismatch between SW and Spec on assigning intra reference sample array defect minor spec
#433 Mismatch between SW and Spec on chroma DM derivation LiZhang defect minor spec
#489 Mismatch between SW and Spec on enabling PDPC defect minor spec
#583 Mismatch between SW and Spec on enabling PDPC defect minor spec
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