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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#724 MIsmatch with spec: log2_parallel_merge_level_minus2 does not exist in spec defect minor VTM
#725 IntraSubPartitionsSplit[ x0 ][ y0 ] is not defined. defect minor spec
#726 Encoder's reconstructed yuv file doesn't match decoder's reconstructed yuv file at rev=ea822544 defect minor VTM-7.1 VTM
#727 Wrong filter coefficient value specified for CCLM defect minor spec
#728 Incorrect bit cost count of force 0 ALF coefficients in ALF encoder RD estimation defect minor VTM
#729 Minor error in the assignment of ctxInc to tu_cbf_cr[ ][ ] defect minor spec
#730 Violation issue in access to the array chromaCandModes defect minor VTM
#731 Inconsistency between low delay configuration files defect minor VTM
#732 Issue with PicFullPocLt calculation defect minor spec
#733 Weighted prediction with negative reference index defect minor VTM-10.0 VTM
#735 Constrained Intra Prediction is not present in spec defect minor VTM
#736 Mismatch with vtm on slice header extension and entry_point_offset order defect minor spec
#737 mismatch of sps_palette_enabled_flag and sps_act_enabled_flag coding order defect trivial spec
#738 unnecessary configure warnings when setting MaxNumTriangleCand to less than 6 enhancement trivial VTM-10.0 VTM
#739 sps_subpic_id_signalling_flag not defined defect trivial VVC D7 vC spec
#740 Figure 7 is wrong defect minor VVC D7 vC spec
#741 nal_unit_type for all pictures of a CVSS AU defect minor VVC D7 vC spec
#742 fix typo and simplify spec related to subpicture defect minor spec
#743 Line 1539 code of DepQuant.cpp in VTM master source seem to be error defect minor VTM
#744 Overflow in joint Cb/Cr transform defect minor VTM-7.2 VTM
#745 ALF Boundary Issues defect minor VTM
#746 Issue with tc derivation on deblocking filter defect minor spec
#747 Missing definition of function LongTermRefPic() defect minor spec
#748 VTM 7.0 decoder slower than VTM 6.2 decoder enhancement minor VTM-7.1 VTM
#749 Spec/VTM mismatch: CABAC contexts for ref_idx_l0 and ref_idx_l1 defect minor spec
#750 Mismatch with spec regarding delta QP signaling defect minor VTM
#751 Typos in inter-layer related text defect minor spec
#752 Incorrect constraint for sps_ref_wraparound_enabled_flag defect minor spec
#753 Editorial issue on some min size derivation defect minor spec
#754 SW/Spec mismatch on tu_cbf_luma signalling defect minor VVC D10 spec
#755 sw-spec mismatch of sps_ptl_dpb_hrd_params_present_flag and sps_reserved_zero_Xbits defect minor VTM
#756 Wrong increment in merge IBC defect minor VTM
#757 LmcsPivot constraint issue defect minor spec
#758 spec not aligned with adoption and software on ACT Qp offsets defect minor spec
#759 bug of writeSEImessages defect minor VTM-8.0 VTM
#760 A constraint flag for LFNST is missing in general_constraint_info defect minor spec
#761 Incorrect conditions for checking different CTUs between the positions (xQg-1, yQg) and (xCb, yCb) in section 8.7.1 defect minor spec
#762 Incorrect conditions for zeroing-out of a quantization matrix element m[ x ][ y ] defect minor spec
#763 Mismatch on signaling log2_max_transform_skip_block_size_minus2 between WD and SW defect minor VTM-7.2 VTM
#764 EXTENDED_SAR not defined defect minor VUI/SEI
#765 Typos and undefined variables in Derivation process for motion vectors and reference indices in subblock merge mode defect minor spec
#766 Minor editorial issue defect minor spec
#767 Typo in BP SEI syntax element defect minor spec
#768 Typo in chroma QP for deblocking defect minor spec
#769 Not matched names between pps_joint_cbcr_qp_offset_value in syntax table/semantics and pps_joint_cbcr_qp_offset in eq.(1124) enhancement trivial spec
#770 Decoder cannot parse generated bistream when FastMrg is set to 0 and MMVD is set to 0. defect minor VTM-7.2 VTM
#771 Truncation issue on subpicture signaling defect minor spec
#772 Issue in tileIdx derivation in 6.5.1 defect minor spec
#773 Use of num_slices_in_tile_minus1[ i ] in Section defect minor spec
#774 Error RdCost defect minor VTM-7.2 VTM
#775 Unintended parsing dependency in subpicture level information SEI defect minor spec
#776 Mismatch on getting the down-sampled neighbouring top luma samples in CCLM for 4:2:2 defect minor spec
#777 Mismatch on the shift value in BCW defect minor spec
#778 A bug for combination of CIIP and WP defect minor VTM-7.2 VTM
#779 A bug for combination of IBC and WP defect minor VTM-7.2 VTM
#780 Issues on chroma BDPCM signaling defect minor spec
#781 correct calculation of subpicture layout syntax length defect minor spec
#782 RPR - Use of reference picture PPS pointers defect minor VTM-7.2 VTM
#783 RPR - Interpolation filters for chroma affine blocks. defect minor spec
#784 RPR - Combination with PROF defect minor VTM-7.2 VTM
#785 JVET-O1168 - Mismatch when enabling CU-level chroma QP offsets defect minor VTM
#786 JVET-P1001: Encoder / decoder deblocker mismatches for chroma QP defect minor VTM
#787 Enc/Dec mismatch for RPR with 1.5x defect major VTM-7.2 VTM
#788 JVET-P1001 related: chroma QP for remote CU is wrong if the remote CU is local dual-tree defect minor VTM-7.2 VTM
#789 Log2 issue in CCLM defect minor spec
#790 Log2 issue in subpicture signaling defect minor spec
#791 Typo in section 8.8.1 (General, In-loop filter process) defect minor spec
#792 Issue of subpic ID mapping present defect minor VVC D7 vC spec
#794 Mismatch on getting wide angle intra mode between text and VTM defect minor VTM-8.1 VTM
#795 Referencing dependent layer APS defect minor spec
#796 Bug in down-sampled collocated luma samples derivation in CCLM defect minor spec
#797 coded_sub_block_flag semantics assume only 4x4 subblock defect minor VVC D7 vC spec
#798 Wrong size for array of coeff delta idx defect major spec
#799 uninitialized DC for predicted scaling list when scaling_list_pred_id_delta equal to 0 defect minor VTM
#800 out of range vector access defect minor VTM
#801 redundant index reference for num_tiles_in_slice_minus1 defect trivial spec
#802 Incomplete range of MaxNumTriangleMergeCand defect minor spec
#803 Issue with 6.4.2 Allowed quad split process defect minor spec
#804 fix: jvetvvc defect minor VTM
#805 Bug in PROF enable conditions defect minor spec
#806 Mismatch between spec and SW for the combination of DMVR and weighted prediction defect minor spec
#807 Editorial issue for the context table of mvp_l0_flag and mvp_l1_flag defect minor spec
#808 Bug in (614) in Derivation process for collocated motion vectors defect minor spec
#809 Issue with derivation of maxFilterLengthPs on coding subblock boundaries defect minor spec
#810 Redundant input for Derivation process for chroma motion vectors defect minor spec
#811 missing affine MVD prediction in spec. defect minor spec
#812 Use-after-free in DecLib::xDecodeAPS(InputNALUnit&) defect minor VTM-8.0 VTM
#813 ERROR: In function "swap" in Buffer.cpp:723: Incompatible formats defect minor VTM-7.2 VTM
#815 Subclause name mismatch defect minor VVC D7 vC spec
#816 Mismatch between spec and VTM in constructed affine candidate defect minor spec
#817 missing MER check in in VVC D8 v7 (JVET-Q2001-v7) defect minor spec
#818 Extend border of picture correctly defect major VTM
#819 cMax error for merge_gpm_partition_idx[ ][ ] defect minor VVC D7 vC spec
#820 RPR: sampleRateConv() function takes wrong input bitdepth defect minor VTM-8.0 VTM
#821 Scalability coding is broken defect major VTM-8.0 VTM
#822 Deblocking with ISP and Virtual Boundaries defect minor VTM-8.0 VTM
#823 Typo on reserved_constraint_bytes defect minor spec
#824 Typos on dpb_output_delay defect minor spec
#825 Typos in equation 62 defect minor spec
#826 Duplicated inference rules on pic_disable_dmvr_flag and pic_disable_prof_flag defect minor spec
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