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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1472 RPR motion interpolation and 4:4:4 defect minor Conformance
#586 RPR variable scalingRatio[.] not defined defect minor spec
#820 RPR: sampleRateConv() function takes wrong input bitdepth defect minor VTM-8.0 VTM
#1390 RPR_A_Alibaba_3: bad level indicator defect minor Conformance
#1356 Range of refT and refL for MIP in defect minor spec
#1021 Raster scan slices - Bug fix for slice map initialization breaks raster-scan slices. ksuehring defect minor VTM-8.1 VTM
#627 Raster2DiagScanPos is no longer used. defect minor spec
#1051 Rate control in current VTM does not work defect minor VTM-9.0 VTM
#1095 Rate control in current VTM does not work. defect minor VTM
#1178 Recent change to Slice::checkRPL broke decoder defect minor VTM
#228 Reconciling DMVR spec text with software ticket #214 defect critical VVC D5 v3 spec
#1005 Rectangular slice map – CTU map in wrong order. defect minor VTM-9.0 VTM
#1007 Rectangular slice map – CTU to subpicture mapping never initialized. defect minor VTM-8.1 VTM
#1006 Rectangular slice map – No rectangular slice initialization. defect minor VTM-8.1 VTM
#920 Redundancy processing on qPY_PREV derivation defect minor spec
#698 Redundant TU condition when deriving bS for CIIP defect minor spec
#1201 Redundant bit stream conformance for alf_luma_clip_idx and alf_chroma_clip_idx defect minor VVC D10 spec
#1155 Redundant check of ciip flag in deblocking enhancement minor VTM-10.0 VTM
#306 Redundant clipping in enhancement minor VVC D5 v8 spec
#227 Redundant condition defect minor VVC D5 v3 spec
#639 Redundant condition i < num_slices_in_pic_minus1 in PPS syntax enhancement minor spec
#1202 Redundant condition in defect minor spec
#955 Redundant condition on DBF maxFilterLength derivation defect minor VVC D10 spec
#1163 Redundant condition on DBF maxFilterLength derivation (EDGE_HOR) defect minor spec
#1101 Redundant condition related to LFNST defect minor VVC D10 spec
#810 Redundant input for Derivation process for chroma motion vectors defect minor spec
#117 Redundant memory copy in predInterSearch() enhancement minor VTM
#637 Redundant pps_seq_parameter_set_id in PPS defect trivial spec
#325 Redundant syntax parsing related to IBC restriction for 128x128 blocks defect minor spec
#151 Reference wraparound bugs defect minor VTM
#795 Referencing dependent layer APS defect minor spec
#387 Regarding integration of JVET-O1153 defect critical VVC D6 vD spec
#565 Removal of wTL for PDPC enhancement minor spec
#482 Renaming of pps_max_num_merge_cand_minus_max_num_triangle_cand_minus1 defect minor spec
#1373 Repeated conversion of the Intra Chroma minQT setting from chroma unit to luma unit for multiple SPSs defect minor VTM-10.1 VTM
#658 Reserve 8 nuh_layer_id values and not 7 defect minor spec
#412 Restrict maximum picture width and height defect minor spec
#530 Return of incorrect variable for getscalingListPresentFlag() in Slice.h defect minor VTM-6.2 VTM
#1212 Rounding in Eq 326 defect minor spec
#1307 Rows / columns swapped in angular prediction Equation 341 defect minor spec
#222 SCC TGM sequence performance drop from VTM-4.0 to VTM-4.0.1 due to HashME defect major VTM-4.1 VTM
#927 SEI draft3 (Q2007) - Table.12 not complete defect minor VUI/SEI
#475 SPS-PPS dependency on log2_transform_skip_max_size_minus2 defect minor spec
#182 SSE reconstruction can overflow defect minor VTM
#900 SW and SW mismatch on parsing condition of lfnst_idx defect minor spec
#174 SW and Spec mismatch related to wide angle defect minor VTM-4.0 VTM
#887 SW/Spec mismatch on CclmEnable defect minor spec
#754 SW/Spec mismatch on tu_cbf_luma signalling defect minor VVC D10 spec
#1027 SW/text mismatch on sample clipping in LMCS defect minor spec
#1239 Sample value, sample, or sample location? ( defect minor spec
#821 Scalability coding is broken defect major VTM-8.0 VTM
#476 Scaling list addressing after adding palette prediction (MODE_PLT) defect minor VTM
#311 Scaling list bugs (N0847) defect minor VTM
#537 Scaling process bugs defect minor spec
#441 Segmentation fault when decoding a stream encoded using option --MaxDeltaQP=1 defect minor VTM
#16 Segmentation fault with VC2010 debug version under Cygwin defect minor JEM
#96 Segmentation fault with low delay P config after JVET-L0646 integration defect blocker VTM-3.0 VTM
#1038 Semantic of sps_max_luma_transform_size_64_flag defect minor spec
#649 Semantics of same_qp_table_for_chroma for joint Cb-Cr defect minor spec
#1153 Semantics of sps_scaling_matrix_for_alternative_colour_space_disabled_flag defect minor spec
#579 Semantics of vps_independent_layer_flag defect minor spec
#646 Several typos defect minor spec
#1037 Signalling of OLS DPB params and OLS HRD Idx in VPS defect minor spec
#531 Signalling of virtual boundaries in PPS defect minor VTM-6.2 VTM
#368 Slice Initialization Issues defect minor VTM-6.0 VTM
#1078 Slice level lambda calculation based on dependent quantization defect minor VTM-10.0 VTM
#365 Slice::checkCRA( ) crashes decoder defect minor VTM
#248 Small issues and typos defect minor VVC D5 v3 spec
#131 Small issues and typos in affine and subblock TMVP specification text defect minor VVC D3 v5 spec
#94 Small issues and typos in inter prediction processes in VVC Draft defect minor VVC D5 v3 spec
#970 Small typo in SEI related text defect minor spec
#834 Some inferred value from JVET-Q0420 are not integrated into JVET-Q2001-v9 defect minor spec
#1010 Spec and VTM mismatch on chroma QT split at picture boundary defect minor VVC D10 spec
#993 Spec and VTM s/w mismatch on clipping residual bit-depth of IACT defect minor spec
#956 Spec bug in the definition of the A0 saptial merge candidate defect minor spec
#353 Spec draft fix for BDOF related defect minor spec
#354 Spec draft fix for BDOF related defect minor spec
#167 Spec issue related to integration of JVET-M0238 defect major VVC D4 v2 spec
#85 Spec issues related to MTS defect major VVC D2 v7 spec
#360 Spec text fix for primary transformation process (Clause defect minor VVC D6 vD spec
#398 Spec text fix for zero-out in primary transformation process (Clause defect minor spec
#262 Spec text missing for IBC with shared merge list defect major VVC D5 v4 spec
#1451 Spec/SW mismatch: chroma interpolation with RPR and 4:4:4 defect minor VTM-12.0 VTM
#1234 Spec/SW mismatch: long start codes (B.2.2) defect minor VTM-10.0 VTM
#749 Spec/VTM mismatch: CABAC contexts for ref_idx_l0 and ref_idx_l1 defect minor spec
#1170 Spelling of slice defect minor spec
#1377 Split parallelism is broken in VTM (8a621a2b) defect minor VTM-12.1 VTM
#846 Stains in the film defect minor VTM
#1161 Strange use of vps_video_parameter_set_id in general decoding process defect minor spec
#464 Sub-CTU QPA code affects HDR coding via updateLambda() even when sub-CTU QPA is disabled defect major VTM-6.0 VTM
#152 Sub-PU TMVP can generate an invalid inter candidate defect minor VTM
#873 SubPicPresentFlag has not been updated to SubPicInfoPresentFlag in cfg files defect minor VTM-8.0 VTM
#1237 Subblock edges and filtering across picture, subpicture, tile and slice boundaries ( defect minor spec
#1254 Subblock incorrectly called sub-block ( defect minor spec
#815 Subclause name mismatch defect minor VVC D7 vC spec
#1280 Subclause number missing in defect minor spec
#1004 Subpictures – Motion clipping missing for affine prediction. defect minor VTM-8.1 VTM
#1009 Subpictures – Overflow in subpic ID. defect minor VTM
#1008 Subpictures – Unable to change subpicture IDs. defect minor VTM
#1459 Support issue on JVET_U0103_HIGH_BIT_DEPTH_SIMD defect minor VTM-12.0 VTM
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