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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#203 Mismatch between VTM and spec on cbf parsing defect minor VTM
#205 Encoder fails encoding with --TransquantBypassEnable=1 defect minor VTM
#208 Bug in DMVR when wrap around MC is enabled defect minor VTM
#210 M0147 DMVR interpolation filter incorrect for bit depth != 10 defect minor VTM
#211 M0483 IBC Bugs defect minor VTM-4.1 VTM
#212 Inferred value of sign_data_hiding_enabled_flag defect minor VTM-4.1 VTM
#213 M0277 FIX_PCM_DISABLEFILTER broken defect minor VTM-4.1 VTM
#214 M0147 - Mismatch of an adopted element(25 points) in VTM defect major VTM-4.1 VTM
#216 qtbtt_dual_tree_intra_flag and partition_constraints_override_enabled_flag coding defect minor spec
#218 Bug in MCTS when DMVR is used defect minor VTM-4.1 VTM
#220 missing condition check for pruning process of IBC spatial merge candidates defect minor spec
#221 Wrong width and height assignment for share merge list defect trivial VVC D5 v3 spec
#222 SCC TGM sequence performance drop from VTM-4.0 to VTM-4.0.1 due to HashME defect major VTM-4.1 VTM
#223 Mismatch between Spec and Software related to ISP defect minor spec
#224 JVET-M0281 for IBC AMVP defect minor spec
#227 Redundant condition defect minor VVC D5 v3 spec
#228 Reconciling DMVR spec text with software ticket #214 defect critical VVC D5 v3 spec
#229 M0101_HLS - Byte Alignment Backwards defect minor VTM-4.1 VTM
#230 wrong memory bandwidth calculation in DMVR defect minor VTM-5.1 VTM
#231 Infinite loop in constructReshaperSDR() defect minor VTM-5.0 VTM
#232 Mismatch between specification and software for triangle merge mode weighted prediction defect minor VVC D5 v3 spec
#233 Exception thrown when LADF enabled due to missing initialization defect minor VTM-5.0 VTM
#234 N0196 – Six tap interpolation filter for affine prediction defect minor VTM-5.0 VTM
#235 N0280 – Transform Skip Residual Coding defect minor VTM
#237 N0413 – DPCM Reference Sample Filtering defect minor VTM-5.0 VTM
#239 Fix the rate control with WCG_EXT defect minor VTM-5.1 VTM
#244 Wrong CABAC bin type classification when RExt__DECODER_DEBUG_BIT_STATISTICS is enabled defect minor VTM-5.0 VTM
#245 spec, software mismatch of boundary partition for corner case defect minor spec
#246 Inconsistent bits calculation for different merge modes at encoder defect minor VTM
#247 Fix of size constraint for triangle merge mode when MMVD is disabled in SPS defect major VTM-5.0 VTM
#248 Small issues and typos defect minor VVC D5 v3 spec
#249 sym_mvd_flag is missing in the context tables defect major spec
#251 Potential bug of Hash ME defect minor VTM-5.0 VTM
#252 MIP tool off tests by using cfg and macro have different results defect minor VTM-5.0 VTM
#253 dHorY and dVerY should be swapped in equations 8-702 and 8-703 defect minor spec
#254 Dead loop in reshaper code defect minor VTM
#255 Deprecated IntraPrediction::useFilteredIntraRefSamples function shouldn't be used defect minor VTM-5.0 VTM
#256 CurrPicIsOnlyRef is not used, the associated text should be removed defect minor spec
#257 The BDPCM CU level flag is signaled even if BDCPM is disabled per config. file parameter defect minor VTM-6.0 VTM
#259 Encoder crash under particular condition in predInterSearch func defect minor VTM-5.0 VTM
#260 one inverse angle parameter invAngle error JinKunGUO defect minor VTM-5.0 VTM
#261 width/height swapped in equation 6-8 defect minor spec
#262 Spec text missing for IBC with shared merge list defect major VVC D5 v4 spec
#263 [IBC] invalid block vector for IBC - assertion failure XiangLi defect minor VTM-5.1 VTM
#264 bug on ctx of pred_mode_ibc_flag in chroma tree of dual-tree I slice defect minor VTM-5.1 VTM
#265 Issue in context derivation when treeType = DUAL_TREE_CHROMA defect minor VTM-5.1 VTM
#266 Motion Lut is not reset at the beginning of tile defect minor VTM-6.0 VTM
#267 Wrong SAD calculation in xGetSAD_NxN_SIMD(...) when size is 4x4 defect minor VTM-5.1 VTM
#268 RDPCM: missing clip when adding residue deltas defect minor VTM-5.1 VTM
#269 Mismatch between VTM and specification on allowBtSplit derivation defect minor VTM-5.1 VTM
#270 Mismatch encode decode defect minor VVC D5 v8 spec
#271 Motion vector rounding: tiny contradiction between N0335 integration and the meeting decision defect minor spec
#272 parcat does not support multiple slices in a picture defect minor VTM-5.1 VTM
#273 Wrong HMVP table size defect minor VVC D5 v8 spec
#274 Undefined variable sGxGym and sGxGys in spec defect minor VVC D5 v8 spec
#275 Typo in bdofUtilizationFlag indexing defect minor VVC D5 v8 spec
#276 regular_merge_flag was missed in "Table 9-17" defect minor spec
#277 Undefined semantic slice_loop_filter_across_slices_enabled_flag defect minor spec
#278 Currently, when HashME is applied, PSNR may drop (by several dB) for some TGM sequence pictures defect minor VTM-5.1 VTM
#279 Typo in chroma deblocking process defect minor spec
#280 MIsmatch on expGoOrderY and expGoOrderC derivation between VTM and spec defect minor spec
#281 Different encoder log on Windows and Linux defect minor VTM-5.1 VTM
#282 Issue in tb(v) decoding description defect minor spec
#283 [ALF] slice_alf_aps_id_chroma parsed even if num_alf_aps_ids == 0 defect minor VVC D5 v7 spec
#284 MV rounding for IBC AMVP mode defect minor spec
#285 MIsmatch with spec on alf_luma_coeff_delta_sign interpretation defect minor VTM-5.1 VTM
#286 Mismatch with spec on condition to parse alf_ctb_flag for chroma defect minor VTM-5.1 VTM
#287 Fast encoder search for MTS defect defect minor VTM
#288 Compile issue when JVET_N0415_CTB_ALF is equal to zeo defect minor VTM-5.1 VTM
#289 Accessing uninitialized memory defect minor VTM-5.1 VTM
#290 Mismatch on collocated subblock location in SbTMVP between VTM and spec defect minor spec
#291 MIsmatch with spec on locSumAbsPass1 derivation for abs_level_gtx_flag and par_level_flag defect minor VTM-5.1 VTM
#292 Minor TrafoSkip Residual Coding Issues defect minor VVC D5 v8 spec
#293 Chroma mismatches when sign hiding is enabled defect major VTM-5.1 VTM
#295 Mismatch with spec on bS derivation when both sides of the edge have intra_bdpcm_flag equal to 1 defect minor VTM
#296 a bug in MCTS code defect major VTM-5.1 VTM
#298 typo in IBC BV candidate list derivation defect minor VVC D5 v8 spec
#299 VVC Draft 5 v7: minor corrections defect minor VVC D5 v8 spec
#300 Encoder may produce uncompliant AlfCoeff for Chroma jennylai defect minor VTM
#301 Fix JVET-N0847 scaling matrices cause mismatch defect minor VTM-5.1 VTM
#302 CBF flags syntax and semantics defect minor VVC D5 v8 spec
#303 bug in virtual boundaries (N0438) code defect major VTM-5.1 VTM
#304 Mismatch with spec on pps_virtual_boundaries_pos_x/y coding defect minor VTM-5.1 VTM
#305 MTS candidate ordering if LFNST is used defect minor VTM-5.1 VTM
#307 DMVR subblock boundary is processed as subblock boudnary in deblocking filter defect minor VVC D5 v8 spec
#308 Mismatch on longer tap deblocking filter between spec and VTM defect minor VVC D5 v8 spec
#309 APS with same ID referenced from different slices defect minor spec
#310 Type of syntax element slice_num_alf_aps_ids_luma defect minor spec
#311 Scaling list bugs (N0847) defect minor VTM
#312 Bug in GBI inheritance for constructed affine merge candidate (N0481) defect minor VTM-5.1 VTM
#313 A bug of BDOF condition defect minor VTM-5.1 VTM
#314 Mismatch with spec on sao_merge_left_flag and sao_merge_up_flag defect minor VTM
#315 Inter issues related to global variables defect minor spec
#316 Issues in the specification text for deblocking filter defect minor spec
#317 Mismatch with vtm on mvp_l1_flag parsing defect minor spec
#318 Missing initialization of MvdCpL0 array defect minor spec
#319 IBC BV range description defect minor VVC D5 v9 spec
#320 Typos defect trivial VVC D5 v9 spec
#321 mvd_l1_zero_flag semantic defect minor spec
#322 Parsing condition for ISP split flag defect minor spec
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