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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#645 Missing inference for sps_affine_amvr_enabled_flag defect minor spec
#646 Several typos defect minor spec
#647 chroma LFNST index signalling defect minor spec
#648 Issue in residual_lfnst_mode() in case of local dual tree defect minor VTM-7.0 VTM
#649 Semantics of same_qp_table_for_chroma for joint Cb-Cr defect minor spec
#650 Incorrect corresponding luma posiction for chroma mode derivation with lfnst_idx > 0 in subcluase defect minor spec
#651 JVET-P0091: Reduction of BDOF mvRefineThres to +/- 15 defect minor spec
#652 Misleading variable names in TSRC sections defect minor spec
#653 Coding of partition_constraints_override_flag defect minor spec
#654 Valid range for LADF QP Offsets defect minor spec
#655 BDOF multiplication of sGxGy and vx defect minor spec
#656 "mtsIdx[compID]==0 (DCT2xDCT2)" is used in chroma when lossless encoding defect minor VTM-7.0 VTM
#657 Mismatch with vtm on lmcs_data() syntax defect minor spec
#658 Reserve 8 nuh_layer_id values and not 7 defect minor spec
#659 CuQpOffset Reset defect minor spec
#660 encoder always exits when chroma format is not 4:4:4 defect minor VTM-7.0 VTM
#661 minor simplif in condition to decode cu_sbt_flag defect minor VTM-7.0 spec
#662 P0154 - Overflow in SIMD PROF defect minor VTM
#663 Wrong condition scope for SBT in clause defect minor spec
#665 Mismatch with vtm on lfnst_idx parsing defect minor spec
#667 Mismatch with vtm on ciip_flag inference defect minor spec
#668 tu_cbf_luma inferrence defect minor spec
#669 MIP larger than 64x64 CU defect minor VTM-7.1 VTM
#670 JVET-P0158: Apply ALF VB on the bottom CTU row defect minor VTM
#671 Inference rule missing for num_tiles_in_slice_minus1? defect minor spec
#672 Inference rule for pt_present_flag[0] defect minor spec
#673 Mismatch on MMVD range defect minor spec
#674 Mismatch of ALF classification between VTM and spec defect minor spec
#676 Fix rate control with WCG_EXT defect minor VTM-7.1 VTM
#678 JVET-P1026 - DST-7/DCT-8 TUs with coefficients outside 16x16 region defect minor spec
#679 Mismatch between SW and spec on CG size for TS Chroma defect minor spec
#680 Mismatch between SW and spec on DepQuant state transition defect minor spec
#681 Incorrect scaling list dc coeff derivation in case scalingListId == PredListId defect minor VTM
#682 Incorrect IBC motion compensation in Encoder path when weighted pred is enabled defect minor VTM
#685 Mismatch between spec and VTM code for cu_sbt_flag context assignment defect minor spec
#686 bracket missing in 8-1271 enhancement minor spec
#687 P1034 - Wrap around in scaling list coding defect minor spec
#688 RPR - picture size is not set for scaled reference pictures defect minor VTM-7.0 VTM
#691 issue in pps_max_num_merge_cand_minus_max_num_triangle_cand_plus1 in constant-slice setting defect minor spec
#697 Mismatch of equation (8-1261) between VTM and spec defect minor spec
#698 Redundant TU condition when deriving bS for CIIP defect minor spec
#699 typos in eq. 8-771 8-772 defect minor spec
#700 Missing spec text integration of JVET-P0580 defect minor spec
#701 scalingRatio[ 0 ] and scalingRatio[ 1 ] seem to be undefined defect minor spec
#702 Variable name compIdx is used for different purposes in the spec defect minor spec
#703 Missing definition of entry_point_offsets_present_flag and clarification of entroy_point_offset existence defect minor spec
#704 conformance_window_flag semantic defect minor spec
#705 #defect name by decode files defect minor VTM-7.1 VTM
#707 Mismatch on context index derivation of transform_skip_flag and mts_idx between WD and SW enhancement minor VTM-7.1 VTM
#708 mismatch on BDPCM luma/chroma context indices between VTM7 and spec defect minor spec
#709 Incorrect use of collocated luma block location when deriving SbTMVP merge candidates defect minor spec
#710 Mismatch between text and SW on addressing colPredMode defect minor spec
#711 GRA_NUT should be GDR_NUT? defect minor spec
#713 alf_chroma_num_alt_filters_minus1 unbounded defect minor VVC D7 vC spec
#715 MinCbLog2SizeC is not defined defect minor spec
#716 pps_dep_quant_enabled_flag not defined defect minor VTM-7.1 spec
#717 Editorial suggestion in section defect minor spec
#720 Issues in LFNST index parsing defect minor spec
#723 Unclear variable sbBdofFlag in General defect minor spec
#724 MIsmatch with spec: log2_parallel_merge_level_minus2 does not exist in spec defect minor VTM
#725 IntraSubPartitionsSplit[ x0 ][ y0 ] is not defined. defect minor spec
#726 Encoder's reconstructed yuv file doesn't match decoder's reconstructed yuv file at rev=ea822544 defect minor VTM-7.1 VTM
#727 Wrong filter coefficient value specified for CCLM defect minor spec
#728 Incorrect bit cost count of force 0 ALF coefficients in ALF encoder RD estimation defect minor VTM
#729 Minor error in the assignment of ctxInc to tu_cbf_cr[ ][ ] defect minor spec
#730 Violation issue in access to the array chromaCandModes defect minor VTM
#731 Inconsistency between low delay configuration files defect minor VTM
#732 Issue with PicFullPocLt calculation defect minor spec
#733 Weighted prediction with negative reference index defect minor VTM-10.0 VTM
#735 Constrained Intra Prediction is not present in spec defect minor VTM
#736 Mismatch with vtm on slice header extension and entry_point_offset order defect minor spec
#740 Figure 7 is wrong defect minor VVC D7 vC spec
#742 fix typo and simplify spec related to subpicture defect minor spec
#744 Overflow in joint Cb/Cr transform defect minor VTM-7.2 VTM
#745 ALF Boundary Issues defect minor VTM
#746 Issue with tc derivation on deblocking filter defect minor spec
#747 Missing definition of function LongTermRefPic() defect minor spec
#748 VTM 7.0 decoder slower than VTM 6.2 decoder enhancement minor VTM-7.1 VTM
#749 Spec/VTM mismatch: CABAC contexts for ref_idx_l0 and ref_idx_l1 defect minor spec
#751 Typos in inter-layer related text defect minor spec
#752 Incorrect constraint for sps_ref_wraparound_enabled_flag defect minor spec
#753 Editorial issue on some min size derivation defect minor spec
#754 SW/Spec mismatch on tu_cbf_luma signalling defect minor VVC D10 spec
#755 sw-spec mismatch of sps_ptl_dpb_hrd_params_present_flag and sps_reserved_zero_Xbits defect minor VTM
#756 Wrong increment in merge IBC defect minor VTM
#757 LmcsPivot constraint issue defect minor spec
#758 spec not aligned with adoption and software on ACT Qp offsets defect minor spec
#759 bug of writeSEImessages defect minor VTM-8.0 VTM
#761 Incorrect conditions for checking different CTUs between the positions (xQg-1, yQg) and (xCb, yCb) in section 8.7.1 defect minor spec
#762 Incorrect conditions for zeroing-out of a quantization matrix element m[ x ][ y ] defect minor spec
#763 Mismatch on signaling log2_max_transform_skip_block_size_minus2 between WD and SW defect minor VTM-7.2 VTM
#764 EXTENDED_SAR not defined defect minor VUI/SEI
#765 Typos and undefined variables in Derivation process for motion vectors and reference indices in subblock merge mode defect minor spec
#766 Minor editorial issue defect minor spec
#767 Typo in BP SEI syntax element defect minor spec
#768 Typo in chroma QP for deblocking defect minor spec
#770 Decoder cannot parse generated bistream when FastMrg is set to 0 and MMVD is set to 0. defect minor VTM-7.2 VTM
#771 Truncation issue on subpicture signaling defect minor spec
#772 Issue in tileIdx derivation in 6.5.1 defect minor spec
#773 Use of num_slices_in_tile_minus1[ i ] in Section defect minor spec
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