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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1517 Potential Mismatch between VVC Spec and VTM Reference C Decoder Model defect critical spec
#1521 Missing a default/inferred value for alf_cc_cb/cr_filters_signalled_minus1 defect critical VTM-12.0 spec
#66 422 chroma format defect major VTM
#93 Encoding results mismatch due to Hadamard SAD 8bits SIMD path defect major BMS
#122 Mismatch in intra ref sample filtering between draft and VTM defect major spec
#17 harmonization of new arithmetic coders and signaling of window sizes defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-2.0 JEM
#21 Motion vector overflow problem defect minor JEM
#27 COM16_C983_RSAF leads to encoding/decoding mismatch if RDOQ or SignHiding off defect minor JEM
#35 TransQuantBypass not working defect minor JEM
#38 redundant MC process under the JVET_C0024_PBINTRA_FAST defect minor HM-16.6-JEM-4.0 JEM
#59 Infinite loops defect minor BMS
#61 path names in #include enhancement minor VTM
#78 encoder rootCbf calculation bug defect minor BMS
#105 Triangle flag redundant signalling defect minor VTM
#112 redundant TMVP derivation when the PU size is 8x8 for the ATMVP enhancement minor VTM
#127 Incorrect calculation of adjacent modes in MPM list formation defect minor VTM
#128 incorrect modulo value used in adjacent mode calculations defect minor spec
#144 Initialization of List 1 motion vector is missing in getInterMMVDMergeCandidates(..) function. defect minor VTM
#145 Non-normativity issue when disabling JVET_L0256_BIO macro defect minor VTM-4.0 VTM
#225 Alignment between spec and implementation in Affine Merge defect minor spec
#236 N0470 – SMVD with mvd_l1_zero_flag defect minor VTM
#238 N0473 – Deblocking of Internal Transform Boundaries defect minor VTM
#250 wrong settings of variables related to ISP defect minor spec
#258 abs_delta_poc_st should be abs_delta_poc_st_minus1 defect minor spec
#333 Transform / Quantization Bypass Missing defect minor spec
#336 Explicit RDPCM syntax element missing defect minor spec
#352 VTM encoder not compiling when activating WPP_PARALLELISM defect minor VTM
#428 Correcting in files for GCC 9.1.1 (libgomp) with WPP & SPLIT PARALLELISM enhancement minor VTM
#471 JVET-O0050 - Context derivation for mode_constraint_flag defect minor spec
#485 Editorial: Splitting slice_alf_chroma_idc into two flags defect minor spec
#551 Misalignment between Spec and VTM sw on ALF clipping value derivation defect minor VTM
#611 CompositeLTReference is not working defect minor VTM
#612 Confusing text in Derivation process for collocated motion vectors enhancement minor spec
#636 Editorial modifications from JVET-P0626 create reference to undefined value defect minor spec
#719 A strange message. defect minor VTM
#760 A constraint flag for LFNST is missing in general_constraint_info defect minor spec
#804 fix: jvetvvc defect minor VTM
#1102 SPS extension data flag cleanup defect minor VTM
#1540 Decoder runs into exception at the end of bit stream defect minor VTM
#62 Invalid read of size 1 in parcat defect trivial BMS
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