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#902 range of ph_cu_qp_delta_subdiv_intra/inter_slice defect blocker VVC D10 spec
#124 Encoder exits when macro "JVET_L0100_MULTI_HYPOTHESIS_INTRA" is turned off defect minor VTM
#566 Text simplification of pred_mode_plt_flag siganlling defect minor spec
#923 Editorial modification: GEO size constraint on 8x64/64x8 defect minor spec
#1027 SW/text mismatch on sample clipping in LMCS defect minor spec
#1227 Issue on explicit weighted prediction(related to #1215 ) enhancement minor VTM
#1235 Issue on poc derivation after JVET-S0081 defect minor spec
#1244 software/spec mismatch for APS chroma present flag from R0433 integration enhancement minor VTM
#1378 Incorrect pps_tile_idx_delta_val[i] range defect minor spec
#1445 Missing condition in restriction of sh_picture_header_in_slice_header_flag defect minor spec
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