18 Oct 2018:

04:38 Ticket #95 (bug in REMOVE_MV_ADAPT_PREC for VTM-2.2) closed by XiangLi
fixed: Fixed in …

17 Oct 2018:

15:41 Ticket #95 (bug in REMOVE_MV_ADAPT_PREC for VTM-2.2) created by chhuanb
In function xDeriveCUMV, the conversion of MV from 1/4 precision to …

16 Oct 2018:

16:06 Milestone VTM-2.2 completed
16:04 Milestone BMS-2.2 completed

9 Oct 2018:

05:00 Ticket #94 (Small issues and typos in inter prediction processes in VVC Draft) created by vdrugeon
In section Motion vector difference semantics, the value of …

3 Oct 2018:

12:16 Ticket #93 (Encoding results mismatch due to Hadamard SAD 8bits SIMD path) created by cgisquet
Over CE11, we have observed occasional mismatches with …

1 Oct 2018:

20:55 Milestone VVC D2 v7 completed
14:04 Tickets #82,​85 batch updated by bbross
fixed: fixed in VVC D2 v7

28 Sep 2018:

20:41 Ticket #92 (Clipping is missing in luma/chroma sample interpolation processes) created by phanhart
In the luma sample interpolation process (clause, the input …

25 Sep 2018:

14:31 Ticket #91 (Encoding with DQP is broken) created by adamjw
The encoding with DQP is broken. The encoder would produce an error …

21 Sep 2018:

17:20 Ticket #90 (Typos in copying the control point vectors to temporal notion vectors) closed by bbross
fixed: Fixed in VVC D2 v6
17:19 Ticket #86 (Potential issue with reference sample filtering process in VVC D2 v4) closed by bbross
fixed: Fixed in VVC D2 v6
17:19 Ticket #75 (Bottom and right boundary partition issue) closed by bbross
fixed: Fixed in VVC D2 v6
17:18 Milestone VVC D2 v6 completed
15:36 Ticket #80 (Mismatch in chroma mode coding description in text compared to software) closed by bbross
invalid: Dear Adarsh, the VTM code is unnecessary complicated so thats why its …
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