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#207 VTM + 360Lib tries to read input/reference file even is E2E quality metrics are not enabled new defect major
#1291 Mismatch between spec and software in BPSEI and PTSEI new defect major
#1296 Packed YUV output in VTM decoder doesn't work anymore new defect major
#721 encoder crash for 444 coding of VTM master branch new defect minor
#1077 Enabling dependent quantization for lossy slices in mixed lossy-lossless new defect minor
#1148 Multiple bugs in preceding IRAP, GDR pictures and subpictures new defect minor
#1227 Issue on explicit weighted prediction(related to #1215 ) new enhancement minor
#1244 software/spec mismatch for APS chroma present flag from R0433 integration new enhancement minor
#1274 clarity improvement for DMVR bounding box new enhancement minor
#1275 Wrong indent in new defect minor
#1276 Typo of xIntL, yIntL, xFracL, and yFracL new defect minor
#1277 "top-left" (with hyphen) and "top left" (without hyphen) new defect minor
#1286 LTRP_A_ERICSSON_1: current picture in reference picture list new defect minor
#1288 Typo new defect minor
#1293 availability flags availableFlagConstK are not initialized new defect minor
#1295 Typo in new defect minor
#1300 Possibility of PredFlagL1 to be 1 in P Slice when subblokc-based temporal merging candidate is chosen new defect minor
#1301 Missing assignment of predFlagLXSbCol in new defect minor
#1303 Mismatch of condition for chroma process in LMCS ( compared with VTM new defect minor
#1304 Incorrect indent in new defect minor
#1305 Inconsistent input block size (cb / tb) used which may result in incorrect decoding result in new defect minor
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