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VTM + 360Lib tries to read input/reference file even is E2E quality metrics are not enabled

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In the VTM codec initialization the method TExt360EncGop::initE2EMetricsCalc is not executed if SphereVideo is equal to 0. Therefore, the reference YUV file is not initialized.

However, in the method below it is still access in the method TExt360EncGop::readOrigPicYuv as shown below.

Void TExt360EncGop::calculatePSNRs(TComPic *pcPic)





Void TExt360EncGop::readOrigPicYuv(Int iPOC)

Int iDeltaFrames = iPOC*m_temporalSubsampleRatio - m_iLastFrmPOC;
Int aiPad[2]={0,0};
m_pcTVideoIOYuvInputFile->skipFrames(iDeltaFrames, m_iInputWidth, m_iInputHeight, m_inputChromaFomat);
PelUnitBuf tmpBuf;
m_pcTVideoIOYuvInputFile->read(tmpBuf, *m_pcOrgPicYuv, IPCOLOURSPACE_UNCHANGED, aiPad, m_inputChromaFomat, false );
m_iLastFrmPOC = iPOC*m_temporalSubsampleRatio+1;


This leads to a segmentation fault, since we are trying to access initialized classes.
This was detected using VTM3.0 + 360Lib8.0 but it is still in the trunk branch of 360Lib.

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