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#112 redundant TMVP derivation when the PU size is 8x8 for the ATMVP new minor VTM
#428 Correcting in files for GCC 9.1.1 (libgomp) with WPP & SPLIT PARALLELISM new minor VTM
#612 Confusing text in Derivation process for collocated motion vectors new minor spec
#748 VTM 7.0 decoder slower than VTM 6.2 decoder new minor VTM
#738 unnecessary configure warnings when setting MaxNumTriangleCand to less than 6 new trivial VTM
#769 Not matched names between pps_joint_cbcr_qp_offset_value in syntax table/semantics and pps_joint_cbcr_qp_offset in eq.(1124) new trivial spec
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