28 Jan 2019:

20:09 Ticket #154 (Availability check for CPR/IBC chroma CU reference block is missing) created by axink
When dual-tree is used, the reference block for a chroma CU coded in …
02:06 Ticket #153 (MMVD selects GBI index from invalid array) created by bheng
In ContextModelling.cpp, setMmvdMergeCandiInfo() function. The GBI …

27 Jan 2019:

22:55 Ticket #152 (Sub-PU TMVP can generate an invalid inter candidate) created by bheng
In UnitTools.cpp, in the function getInterMergeSubPuMvpCand(): […] …
21:59 Ticket #151 (Reference wraparound bugs) created by bheng
1.) In Picture.cpp, function extendPicBorder(). The padding for …
21:56 Ticket #150 (Triangle merge list zero-MV candidates not properly initialized) created by bheng
In UnitTools.cpp, in function getTriangleMergeCandidates(), the “fill …
21:52 Ticket #149 (CPR and reference picture reordering crashes decoder) created by bheng
In Slice.cpp, when function getNumRpsCurrTempList( ) is called during …

16 Jan 2019:

12:35 Ticket #148 (ClipH function issue) created by bbross
There is a problem in the ClipH function (5-9) in the case x < 0. …

14 Jan 2019:

10:58 Ticket #147 (Bugs and typos in text related to coefficients coding) created by vdrugeon
The attached file suggests solutions for bugs and typos in the syntax …

11 Jan 2019:

22:17 Ticket #146 (Context for intra_luma_ref_idx) created by adarsh
In Table 9-4, the ctxInc for intra_luma_ref_idx corresponding to …

10 Jan 2019:

15:06 Ticket #83 (Missing inter MTS code in VTM2.0.1) closed by ksuehring

9 Jan 2019:

18:11 Milestone VTM-3.1 completed
10:54 Ticket #128 (incorrect modulo value used in adjacent mode calculations) closed by bbross
wontfix: mod 64 was a design choice and thus VTM and draft text reflect the …
10:54 Ticket #127 (Incorrect calculation of adjacent modes in MPM list formation) closed by bbross
wontfix: mod 64 was a design choice and thus VTM and draft text reflect the …
10:47 Ticket #145 (Non-normativity issue when disabling JVET_L0256_BIO macro) created by emora
When JVET_L0256_BIO is turned off, encoder reconstructed YUV does not …

8 Jan 2019:

22:53 Milestone VVC D3 v9 completed

4 Jan 2019:

23:55 Tickets #137,​142 batch updated by bbross
fixed: Fixed in v8 of VVC D3
23:51 Milestone VVC D3 v8 completed
08:53 Ticket #144 (Initialization of List 1 motion vector is missing in ...) created by ss00.jeong
The following code […] should be replaced by […] . There is …

2 Jan 2019:

20:12 Ticket #141 (Memory release problem in HMVP) closed by XiangLi
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