21 Mar 2019:

14:26 Ticket #227 (Redundant condition) created by luoda
In – If bdofFlag is equal to TRUE and one or more of the …

17 Mar 2019:

23:22 Milestone VVC D4 v7 completed

14 Mar 2019:

02:37 Ticket #226 (Windows debug & release coding results not the same when IBC is ON for ...) created by zhaoyin
The B frame coding results from Windows debug and release built …

13 Mar 2019:

17:08 Ticket #209 (Exception thrown in 'estIntraPredChromaQT' function) reopened by forayr
There is an issue with this fix when qtbtt_dual_tree_intra_flag = 1 …

12 Mar 2019:

12:24 Ticket #225 (Alignment between spec and implementation in Affine Merge) created by antoine.robert
In the latest specification, in part (Derivation process for …
12:11 Ticket #224 (JVET-M0281 for IBC AMVP) created by antoine.robert
JVET-M0281 and JVET-M0117 have been adopted at last meeting. It allows …
06:52 Ticket #223 (Mismatch between Spec and Software related to ISP) created by k-unno
There are mismatches between VTM-4.0 and VVC D4 on decision of intra …
04:44 Ticket #222 (SCC TGM sequence performance drop from VTM-4.0 to VTM-4.0.1 due to HashME) created by axink
Reported by Xiaozhong Xu SCC TGM sequences performance was tested …

11 Mar 2019:

13:05 Ticket #221 (Wrong width and height assignment for share merge list) created by peterchuang
The equation of 7-76 and 7-77 should be change to SmrW[ x ][ y ] = …

9 Mar 2019:

00:55 Milestone VVC D4 v6 completed
00:54 Tickets #147,​216 batch updated by bbross
fixed: Fixed in VVC D4 v6

8 Mar 2019:

21:21 Ticket #220 (missing condition check for pruning process of IBC spatial merge candidates) created by axink
Filed by Xiaozhong Xu: When deriving B2 position for IBC merge …

7 Mar 2019:

19:59 Ticket #219 (HDR lumaDQP support bitdepth other than 10bit) created by taoranlu
Currently HDR luma delta QP only supports mapping from 10bit code …

6 Mar 2019:

15:58 Ticket #218 (Bug in MCTS when DMVR is used) created by george
MCTS constraint does not take the DMVR offset into account. Merge …
01:25 Ticket #212 (Inferred value of sign_data_hiding_enabled_flag) closed by XiangLi
01:25 Ticket #211 (M0483 IBC Bugs) closed by XiangLi
01:24 Ticket #214 (M0147 - Mismatch of an adopted element(25 points) in VTM) closed by XiangLi
01:21 Ticket #217 (misalignment between VTM and spec text regarding MRG_MAX_NUM_CANDS) closed by XiangLi
fixed: Fixed in …

5 Mar 2019:

20:49 Ticket #217 (misalignment between VTM and spec text regarding MRG_MAX_NUM_CANDS) created by LGE_VCC
In VVC4 spec text. MaxNumMergeCand cannot exceed 6. This is specified …
15:27 Ticket #209 (Exception thrown in 'estIntraPredChromaQT' function) closed by fbarbier
10:19 Ticket #216 (qtbtt_dual_tree_intra_flag and ...) created by forayr
In the specification, qtbtt_dual_tree_intra_flag and …

4 Mar 2019:

04:06 Ticket #215 (Encoder fails when WP is enabled (WeightedPredP/WeightedPredB=1)) created by jiechen
1. An exception is thrown from "WeightPrediction.cpp:84" in encoder …

1 Mar 2019:

12:17 Ticket #152 (Sub-PU TMVP can generate an invalid inter candidate) reopened by ksuehring
Reopening: Another fix was submitted as MR 347 …
10:16 Ticket #214 (M0147 - Mismatch of an adopted element(25 points) in VTM) created by JeevaRaj
As per the meeting notes following elements of DMVR is adopted • Early …
02:43 Ticket #213 (M0277 FIX_PCM_DISABLEFILTER broken) created by bheng
1.) The following code to skip over PCM pixels fails to move the …
02:25 Ticket #212 (Inferred value of sign_data_hiding_enabled_flag) created by bheng
The sign_data_hiding_enabled_flag is not initialized at the start of …
02:07 Ticket #211 (M0483 IBC Bugs) created by bheng
1.) The motion vector history LUT needs to be reset for each CTU row …
01:42 Ticket #210 (M0147 DMVR interpolation filter incorrect for bit depth != 10) created by bheng
When xFrac and yFrac are both non-zero, the DMVR bilinear …

28 Feb 2019:

09:51 Ticket #209 (Exception thrown in 'estIntraPredChromaQT' function) created by fbarbier
The following encoding test is failing : git checkout …

27 Feb 2019:

21:46 Ticket #208 (Bug in DMVR when wrap around MC is enabled) created by phanhart
When running VTM-4.0 with DMVR and wrap around MC enabled, the …
17:52 Ticket #207 (VTM + 360Lib tries to read input/reference file even is E2E quality ...) created by jfmcarreira
In the VTM codec initialization the method …
16:33 Ticket #204 (Encoder fails encoding with -PCMEnabledFlag=1 and -InputBitDepth=10) closed by fbarbier
16:28 Milestone VVC D4 v5 completed

26 Feb 2019:

19:07 Ticket #206 (Support .y4m input) created by EwoutH
17:15 Ticket #205 (Encoder fails encoding with --TransquantBypassEnable=1) created by fbarbier
$ git checkout 6c6ea18debabe74ce264b4e4a70d8cb9370fc5d0 $ cd build $ …
16:12 Ticket #204 (Encoder fails encoding with -PCMEnabledFlag=1 and -InputBitDepth=10) created by fbarbier
Tested with sha1 6c6ea18debabe74ce264b4e4a70d8cb9370fc5d0 $ git …
16:11 Ticket #200 (NULL-pointer crash of VTM 4.0.1rc1 in HDR config after ...) closed by ksuehring
fixed: The MR was merged.
15:26 Milestone VTM-4.0.1 completed
15:18 Ticket #203 (Mismatch between VTM and spec on cbf parsing) created by forayr
In the specification, cbf_cb and cbf_cr are parsed at transform_unit …
11:09 Milestone VVC D4 v4 completed
11:09 Tickets #175,​187,​131,​146,​172,​158 batch updated by bbross
fixed: Fixed in v4 of VVC D4
05:19 Ticket #202 (pcm data signaled before pred_mode at encoder) created by zhaoyin
In void CABACWriter::coding_unit() of encoder, pcm_data() is coded …

25 Feb 2019:

23:02 Ticket #199 (bug in shaper for high bitdepth) closed by XiangLi
22:56 Ticket #188 (Encoder crash when set MaxNumMergeCand less than 4) closed by XiangLi
13:21 Ticket #201 (VTM encoder not compiling when activating SPLIT_PARALLELISM) created by mkoziri
When enabling SPLIT_PARALLELISM by setting in TypeDef.h #define …
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