23 Apr 2019:

20:23 Ticket #238 (N0473 – Deblocking of Internal Transform Boundaries) created by bheng
The following code will cause the deblocking process to stop if a CU …
20:11 Ticket #237 (N0413 – DPCM Reference Sample Filtering) created by bheng
It appears that N0413 DPCM implementation intends to use unfiltered …
20:07 Ticket #236 (N0470 – SMVD with mvd_l1_zero_flag) created by bheng
N0470 aims to align the software with the text for the case of SMVD …
20:04 Ticket #235 (N0280 – Transform Skip Residual Coding) created by bheng
1.) The following context derivation for the TS significant …
20:00 Ticket #234 (N0196 – Six tap interpolation filter for affine prediction) created by bheng
N0196 changes the interpolation filter to 6-tap for affine blocks. …
10:06 Ticket #233 (Exception thrown when LADF enabled due to missing initialization) created by siwamura
An exception is thrown when encoding with luma adaptive deblocking …

12 Apr 2019:

17:46 Ticket #222 (SCC TGM sequence performance drop from VTM-4.0 to VTM-4.0.1 due to HashME) closed by ksuehring
fixed: fixed in VTM-4.1
16:36 Ticket #229 (M0101_HLS - Byte Alignment Backwards) closed by ksuehring
16:28 Ticket #218 (Bug in MCTS when DMVR is used) closed by ksuehring

11 Apr 2019:

11:22 Ticket #232 (Mismatch between specification and software for triangle merge mode ...) created by vdrugeon
In Weighted sample prediction process for triangle merge mode, …

5 Apr 2019:

14:26 Ticket #231 (Infinite loop in constructReshaperSDR()) created by jani.lainema
Some content outside of CTC never completes the while loop in lines …
03:02 Ticket #230 (wrong memory bandwidth calculation in DMVR) created by hashimry
On measuring memory bandwidth of DMVR, VTM outputs wrong memory …

1 Apr 2019:

15:00 Milestone VTM-4.1 completed

28 Mar 2019:

22:24 Ticket #229 (M0101_HLS - Byte Alignment Backwards) created by bheng
The isByteAligned() function for ProfileTierLevel parsing appears to …

26 Mar 2019:

19:18 Ticket #228 (Reconciling DMVR spec text with software ticket #214) created by JeevaRaj
Current DMVR spec text explains about an adaptive search pattern that …
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