15 Jan 2021:

06:13 Ticket #1382 (Decoder checkRPL failure with multilayer stream) closed by fbossen
06:11 Ticket #1433 (VTM doesn't start decoding on GDR with ph_recovery_poc_cnt = 0) closed by fbossen
fixed: Fixed in …
06:10 Ticket #1417 (Mismatch with spec on pt_display_elemental_periods_minus1) closed by fbossen
fixed: Fixed in …
06:04 Ticket #1148 (Multiple bugs in preceding IRAP, GDR pictures and subpictures) closed by fbossen
06:02 Ticket #1402 (Extension of rate control to support GOP size of 32 (JVET-T0062).) closed by fbossen
06:01 Ticket #1431 (Align VTM clipping after inverse transform with specification) closed by fbossen
05:59 Ticket #1429 (Temporal Filter does not work with field coding) closed by fbossen
fixed: Fixed in …

13 Jan 2021:

17:12 Ticket #1294 (Issue with SPS parameter set update) closed by ksuehring
fixed: I think this should be fixed by MR1494 …
17:06 Ticket #1298 (Last rectangular slice in frame is not always locate in bottom right corner) closed by ksuehring
invalid: The images don't load anymore, so I can't follow all details. But I …
17:01 Ticket #1448 (Typo in section C.6 General sub-bitstream extraction process) created by nouedraogo
Step 4. of section C.6 refers to APS_NUT which is not defined in the …
15:19 Ticket #1419 (VTM does not correctly apply the C5.2.2 process) closed by ksuehring
fixed: fixed in …
15:15 Ticket #1442 (Mismatch on PTL signalling in VPS between VTM and VVC spec) closed by ksuehring
fixed: Fixed in …
10:53 Ticket #1411 (Decoder crash when decoding a CRA picture following an EOS) closed by forayr
fixed: Fix in MR 1969
10:51 Ticket #1113 (Compliance check issue after decoding skipped RASL) closed by forayr
fixed: Fix in MR 1975

11 Jan 2021:

16:44 Ticket #1438 (Decoder crashes when decoding multi-layer bitstream) closed by fbossen
fixed: Fixed in …

7 Jan 2021:

19:35 Ticket #1447 (incorrect output when the GDR picture is the first picture in a CVS ...) created by iole.moccagatta
VVC decoding process specifies that only pictures starting from the …

6 Jan 2021:

17:43 Ticket #1446 (Picture header should be in its own NALU) created by fbossen
The semantics of sh_picture_header_in_slice_header_flag state that: …
10:51 Ticket #1445 (Missing condition in restriction of sh_picture_header_in_slice_header_flag) created by martin.m.pettersson
In JVET-T2001-v2 the following restriction is present in section …
00:00 Ticket #1444 (incorrect decoding of scalable conformance streams) created by iole.moccagatta
Pictures with same POC value should be output one after another in …

21 Dec 2020:

22:04 Ticket #1443 (Availability of suffix APS) created by ksuehring
In the context of MR !1971 it was noted that the specification text on …
14:02 Ticket #1439 (Incorrect use of reference picture with lower temporal id with GOP size 32) closed by fbossen
fixed: https://vcgit.hhi.fraunhofer.de/jvet/VVCSoftware_VTM/-/merge_requests/1973

19 Dec 2020:

21:44 Ticket #1409 (Overflow processing 16 bit sequences if ...) closed by fbossen
fixed: Fixed in …

17 Dec 2020:

10:49 Ticket #1442 (Mismatch on PTL signalling in VPS between VTM and VVC spec) created by martin.m.pettersson
In the spec (JVET-T2001-v2), the profile_tier_level is set for VPS in …

16 Dec 2020:

00:58 Ticket #1441 (Bad format for md5 checksum files) created by fbossen
MD5 checksum files are provided in UTF-16 format instead of plain …
00:33 Ticket #1440 (Incorrect picture timing SEI) created by fbossen
The picture timing (PT) SEI was fixed in …
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