10 Feb 2022:

19:49 Ticket #1534 (Intra reference sample subsitution process uses incorrect indexing ...) created by swarrington
Section reference substition process has a bulleted list …
17:42 Ticket #1533 (Typos in initValue/shiftIdx Tables) created by swarrington
Table 123 has a typo in the ctxIdx of sig_coeff_flag * ctxIdx 128-143 …

4 Feb 2022:

03:53 Ticket #1532 (Outdated VUI parameters (vui_UHD_PQ, vui_HD.cfg )) created by dmytro.rusanovskyy
Parameter NonPackedSource in vui_UHD_PQ.cfg and vui_HD.cfg is not …

2 Feb 2022:

19:30 Ticket #1531 (Error processing conformance bitstreams in high bit depth mode) created by fbossen
With a recent version of VTM (3bc1ad44, post 15.2), processing of …
01:30 Ticket #1530 (--SPSNR_NN flag not responding) created by char-tan
Hi there, I'm trying to use 360Lib for end-to-end metrics. In my …

27 Jan 2022:

17:27 Ticket #1524 (Issue on CRA output when NoOutputBeforeRecoveryFlag =1) closed by fbossen
17:22 Ticket #1510 (default scaling window is not set from conformance window in SPS) closed by fbossen
17:21 Ticket #1528 (Wrong GDR POC computation for Intra refresh area in EncCu.cpp) closed by fbossen
17:20 Ticket #1529 (Affine constructed candidates are misidentified as valid or invalid ...) closed by fbossen
14:46 Ticket #1481 (LMCS updating issue) closed by fbossen
14:45 Ticket #1490 (Some pictures are not output when bitstream has mixed NALUs with CRA ...) closed by fbossen
14:44 Ticket #1495 (Encoder crashes for multi-layer encoding and GDR_ENABLED=1) closed by fbossen
14:44 Ticket #1501 (Wrong slice type when GDR enabled in LDP configuration) closed by fbossen
14:42 Ticket #1508 (Call to verifyPlane in VideoIOYuv::read uses wrong chroma format) closed by fbossen
fixed: https://vcgit.hhi.fraunhofer.de/jvet/VVCSoftware_VTM/-/merge_requests/2119
14:40 Ticket #1485 (adding conformance checking in VTM decoder for LMCS) closed by fbossen

26 Jan 2022:

19:54 Ticket #1518 (Minor bug in xInitSPS that wrongly checks ...) closed by fbossen
19:45 Ticket #1512 (Mismatch VTM/spec on locSumAbs derivation (Range Extension)) closed by fbossen

24 Jan 2022:

16:16 Ticket #1529 (Affine constructed candidates are misidentified as valid or invalid ...) created by tpoirier
The current marking is done for only 1 candidate after the call of …
15:56 Ticket #1528 (Wrong GDR POC computation for Intra refresh area in EncCu.cpp) created by tpoirier
GDR POC computation uses gdrInterval instead of gdrPeriod, this leads …

23 Jan 2022:

23:43 Ticket #1526 (Typo in) closed by yk
fixed: Thanks! Will be fixed in JVET-Y2005-v1.

20 Jan 2022:

23:17 Ticket #1525 (delete sps pointer in the storeSPS() function whereas it will be used ...) closed by ksuehring
fixed: The MR was merged

19 Jan 2022:

22:04 Ticket #1521 (Missing a default/inferred value for alf_cc_cb/cr_filters_signalled_minus1) closed by bbross

14 Jan 2022:

00:15 Ticket #1527 (Bug in reference picture list construction for dependent layers) created by delagrangep
When base layer picture is intra, all inactive pictures get discarded …

13 Jan 2022:

16:12 Ticket #1526 (Typo in) created by jonathang
In Section of the specification the following typo should be …
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