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Encoder/Decoder Mismatch occurs

Reported by: mitsuru.katsumata Owned by:
Priority: minor Milestone: VTM-10.0
Component: VTM Version: VTM-9.3
Keywords: Cc: ksuehring, XiangLi, fbossen, jvet@…


At VTM-9.3, encoder/Decoder mismatch occurs.

-- encoder/decoder log --
EncoderApp -c subpicture_4_slice_2_hor_subpic.cfg -q 32 -i BQMall_832x480_60.yuv -b str.bin -o rec.yuv --InputBitDepth=8 --InputChromaFormat=420 -fr 30 -wdt 832 -hgt 480 --Level=6.2 -f 1 -fs 0 -ip 32 --SEIDecodedPictureHash=1 --PrintHexPSNR=1

VVCSoftware: VTM Encoder Version 9.3 [Windows][VS 1900][64 bit] [SIMD=AVX2]

TOOL CFG: IBD:0 HAD:1 RDQ:1 RDQTS:1 RDpenalty:0 LQP:0 SQP:0 ASR:1 MinSearchWindow:96 RestrictMESampling:0 FEN:1 ECU:0 FDM:1 CFM:0 ESD:0 TransformSkip:1 TransformSkipFast:1 TransformSkipLog2MaxSize:5 ChromaTS:1 BDPCM:0 Tiles: 2x2 Slices: 4 MCTS:0 SAO:1 ALF:1 CCALF:1 WPP:0 WPB:0 PME:2 WaveFrontSynchro:0 WaveFrontSubstreams:1 ScalingList:0 TMVPMode:1 DQ:1 SignBitHidingFlag:0 RecalQP:0
TOOL CFG: LFNST:1 MMVD:1 Affine:1 AffineType:1 PROF:1 SubPuMvp:1+0 DualITree:1 IMV:1 BIO:1 LMChroma:1 HorCollocatedChroma:1 VerCollocatedChroma:0 MTS: 1(intra) 0(inter) SBT:1 ISP:1 SMVD:1 CompositeLTReference:0 Bcw:1 BcwFast:1 LADF:0 CIIP:1 Geo:1 AllowDisFracMMVD:1 AffineAmvr:1 AffineAmvrEncOpt:1 DMVR:1 MmvdDisNum:6 JointCbCr:1 ACT:0 PLT:0 IBC:0 HashME:0 WrapAround:0 VirtualBoundariesEnabledFlag:0 VirtualBoundariesPresentInSPSFlag:1 vertical virtual boundaries:[ ] horizontal virtual boundaries:[ ] Reshape:1 (Signal:SDR Opt:0 CSoffset:6) MRL:1 MIP:1 EncDbOpt:0
FAST TOOL CFG: LCTUFast:1 FastMrg:1 PBIntraFast:1 IMV4PelFast:1 MTSMaxCand: 4(intra) 4(inter) ISPFast:0 FastLFNST:0 AMaxBT:1 E0023FastEnc:1 ContentBasedFastQtbt:0 UseNonLinearAlfLuma:1 UseNonLinearAlfChroma:1 MaxNumAlfAlternativesChroma:8 FastMIP:0 FastLocalDualTree:1 NumSplitThreads:1 NumWppThreads:1+0 EnsureWppBitEqual:0 RPR:0 TemporalFilter:0

started @ Thu Jul 16 14:40:04 2020

POC 0 LId: 0 TId: 0 ( IDR_N_LP, I-SLICE, QP 29 ) 242336 bits [Y 38.3239 dB U 41.5063 dB V 42.5855 dB] [xY 40432974ba31f212 xU 4044c0cce0a8565c xV 40454af2ffb2e3e5] [ET 216 ] [L0] [L1] [MD5:015e065aa4cdbba02962ccfe46ab9c43,644f86f57869ff937c77bcedf015f3e6,619967eb3160bd642c63bc3fdb59c855]

LayerId 0


1 a 7270.0800 38.3239 41.5063 42.5855 39.2431 40432974ba31f212 4044c0cce0a8565c 40454af2ffb2e3e5

finished @ Thu Jul 16 14:43:41 2020
Total Time: 216.382 sec. [user] 216.384 sec. [elapsed]

DecoderApp -b str.bin -o dec.yuv

VVCSoftware: VTM Decoder Version 9.3 [Windows][VS 1900][64 bit] [SIMD=AVX2]
POC 0 LId: 0 TId: 0 ( IDR_N_LP, I-SLICE, QP 29 ) [DT 0.044] [L0] [L1] [MD5:015e065aa4cdbba02962ccfe46ab9c43,e144501a72b5be32254938a1b124455c,0d3c28e15701a34b3563c5d981457d0c,(***ERROR***)] [rxMD5:015e065aa4cdbba02962ccfe46ab9c43,644f86f57869ff937c77bcedf015f3e6,619967eb3160bd642c63bc3fdb59c855]

*ERROR* A decoding mismatch occured: signalled md5sum does not match

Total Time: 0.131 sec.

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