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#620 MSYS2/MinGW/GCC9: InterpolationFilter_avx.cpp: x86 compile trying to use x86-64 intrinsics defect blocker VTM-6.2 VTM
#207 VTM + 360Lib tries to read input/reference file even is E2E quality metrics are not enabled defect major 360Lib
#215 Encoder fails when WP is enabled (WeightedPredP/WeightedPredB=1) defect major VTM
#572 Incorrect use of chroma distortion weights if Cb and Cr QP offsets differ (affects perceptual QPA, may affect SBT in HDR-PQ CTCs) defect major VTM-6.2 VTM
#798 Wrong size for array of coeff delta idx defect major spec
#112 redundant TMVP derivation when the PU size is 8x8 for the ATMVP enhancement minor VTM
#126 bug for calculating target bits in rate control in case of TemporalSubsampleRatio not equals to one defect minor VTM
#139 patch complementary for #126: about frame rate format in case of rate control defect minor VTM
#143 runtime error when INTRA_FULL_SEARCH set to 1 defect minor VTM
#144 Initialization of List 1 motion vector is missing in getInterMMVDMergeCandidates(..) function. defect minor VTM
#189 VTM (encoder and decoder) not compiling when deactivating SIMD defect minor VTM
#206 Support .y4m input defect minor VTM
#208 Bug in DMVR when wrap around MC is enabled defect minor VTM
#226 Windows debug & release coding results not the same when IBC is ON for VTM4.0 defect minor VTM
#246 Inconsistent bits calculation for different merge modes at encoder defect minor VTM
#271 Motion vector rounding: tiny contradiction between N0335 integration and the meeting decision defect minor spec
#287 Fast encoder search for MTS defect defect minor VTM
#294 ALF disabling at slice and tile boundaries not working defect minor VTM
#295 Mismatch with spec on bS derivation when both sides of the edge have intra_bdpcm_flag equal to 1 defect minor VTM
#314 Mismatch with spec on sao_merge_left_flag and sao_merge_up_flag defect minor VTM
#315 Inter issues related to global variables defect minor spec
#318 Missing initialization of MvdCpL0 array defect minor spec
#334 cu_qp_delta_abs is not using context coding defect minor VTM
#337 Cross component prediction tool in VTM but not described in spec defect minor VTM
#339 Mismatch between SIMD_ENABLE macro ON and OFF defect minor VTM
#342 CTU boundary position not computed correctly for Chroma deblocking defect minor VTM
#346 Mismatch with spec on terminatingBit sending defect minor VTM
#352 VTM encoder not compiling when activating WPP_PARALLELISM defect minor VTM
#355 Undefined Behavior Sanitizer : multiple errors (encoding / decoding) defect minor VTM
#428 Correcting in files for GCC 9.1.1 (libgomp) with WPP & SPLIT PARALLELISM enhancement minor VTM
#432 TileUniformSpacing not working defect minor VTM
#439 Mismatch with spec on CuPredMode inference when modeType = MODE_TYPE_INTER defect minor VTM
#468 ERROR: AddressSanitizer: unknown-crash defect minor VTM
#485 Editorial: Splitting slice_alf_chroma_idc into two flags defect minor spec
#488 Clipping issue in interpolation process defect minor spec
#503 Field coding broken defect minor VTM
#505 Missing context initialization for TsResidualSign in BDPCM mode defect minor VTM-6.2 VTM
#507 Signalling of RPL in slice header of IDR picture defect minor VTM-6.2 VTM
#518 VTM-6.0 tracing crashes with recent gcc defect minor VTM
#521 Platform-inconsistent results for palette, RA, qp=2 defect minor VTM
#523 Out ouf bounds access in EncLib::xInitRPL() defect minor VTM
#539 Add fix in EncGOP.cpp to new HDRTools v0.20+ defect minor VTM
#540 Problem with 360lib defect minor VTM
#542 The proposal displaying information on the input video. defect minor VTM-6.2 VTM
#544 Implicit partitonning issue when CtbSizeY = 128 and dual tree defect minor VTM
#546 Missing cu_skip_flag condition for inferring ciip_flag defect minor spec
#548 [Tile] Wrong Intra Mode for first PU of second Tile defect minor VTM
#551 Misalignment between Spec and VTM sw on ALF clipping value derivation defect minor VTM
#556 Issues of the equation (8-1167) of deblocking filter in the specification text defect minor spec
#566 Text simplification of pred_mode_plt_flag siganlling defect minor spec
#577 Wrong weighted prediction table signalling at encoder defect minor VTM
#584 Missing constraints when resolution is not multiple of CtbSizeY defect minor spec
#601 Number of inputs when invoking process General defect minor spec
#604 Inputs and outputs when invoking Derivation process for motion vector arrays from affine control point motion vectors defect minor spec
#606 Inputs of 6.4.4 Derivation process for neighbouring block availability defect minor spec
#611 CompositeLTReference is not working defect minor VTM
#612 Confusing text in Derivation process for collocated motion vectors enhancement minor spec
#613 Issue with one input to Prediction refinement with optical flow process defect minor spec
#616 Incorrect order of SPS flags defect minor VTM
#619 sps_mrl_enabled_flag is missing defect minor VTM
#622 Incorrect use of getComponentScaleX() for LM, DMVR, and QPA defect minor VTM
#623 Typos and undefined variables in ACT related text defect minor spec
#636 Editorial modifications from JVET-P0626 create reference to undefined value defect minor spec
#659 CuQpOffset Reset defect minor spec
#666 FIx the wrong QP and lambda clipping in rate control defect minor VTM
#671 Inference rule missing for num_tiles_in_slice_minus1? defect minor spec
#677 Memory bandwidth calculation in DMVR and BDOF defect minor VTM-7.0 VTM
#681 Incorrect scaling list dc coeff derivation in case scalingListId == PredListId defect minor VTM
#682 Incorrect IBC motion compensation in Encoder path when weighted pred is enabled defect minor VTM
#683 Encoder fails (core dump) after first picture when using a different coding structure defect minor VTM
#685 Mismatch between spec and VTM code for cu_sbt_flag context assignment defect minor spec
#691 issue in pps_max_num_merge_cand_minus_max_num_triangle_cand_plus1 in constant-slice setting defect minor spec
#698 Redundant TU condition when deriving bS for CIIP defect minor spec
#702 Variable name compIdx is used for different purposes in the spec defect minor spec
#703 Missing definition of entry_point_offsets_present_flag and clarification of entroy_point_offset existence defect minor spec
#706 Minor editorial issue for CclmEnabled derivation in 8.4.4 defect minor spec
#708 mismatch on BDPCM luma/chroma context indices between VTM7 and spec defect minor spec
#710 Mismatch between text and SW on addressing colPredMode defect minor spec
#717 Editorial suggestion in section defect minor spec
#721 encoder crash for 444 coding of VTM master branch defect minor 360Lib
#723 Unclear variable sbBdofFlag in General defect minor spec
#724 MIsmatch with spec: log2_parallel_merge_level_minus2 does not exist in spec defect minor VTM
#725 IntraSubPartitionsSplit[ x0 ][ y0 ] is not defined. defect minor spec
#727 Wrong filter coefficient value specified for CCLM defect minor spec
#728 Incorrect bit cost count of force 0 ALF coefficients in ALF encoder RD estimation defect minor VTM
#730 Violation issue in access to the array chromaCandModes defect minor VTM
#731 Inconsistency between low delay configuration files defect minor VTM
#732 Issue with PicFullPocLt calculation defect minor spec
#733 Weighted prediction with negative reference index defect minor VTM
#734 VTM-7.0 has enc/dec mismatch for RPR 1.5x defect minor VTM
#735 Constrained Intra Prediction is not present in spec defect minor VTM
#736 Mismatch with vtm on slice header extension and entry_point_offset order defect minor spec
#745 ALF Boundary Issues defect minor VTM
#746 Issue with tc derivation on deblocking filter defect minor spec
#747 Missing definition of function LongTermRefPic() defect minor spec
#748 VTM 7.0 decoder slower than VTM 6.2 decoder enhancement minor VTM
#749 Spec/VTM mismatch: CABAC contexts for ref_idx_l0 and ref_idx_l1 defect minor spec
#752 Incorrect constraint for sps_ref_wraparound_enabled_flag defect minor spec
#754 SW/Spec mismatch on tu_cbf_luma signalling defect minor spec
#755 sw-spec mismatch of sps_ptl_dpb_hrd_params_present_flag and sps_reserved_zero_Xbits defect minor VTM-7.1 VTM
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