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#620 MSYS2/MinGW/GCC9: InterpolationFilter_avx.cpp: x86 compile trying to use x86-64 intrinsics defect blocker VTM
#207 VTM + 360Lib tries to read input/reference file even is E2E quality metrics are not enabled defect major 360Lib
#215 Encoder fails when WP is enabled (WeightedPredP/WeightedPredB=1) defect major VTM
#572 Incorrect use of chroma distortion weights if Cb and Cr QP offsets differ (affects perceptual QPA, may affect SBT in HDR-PQ CTCs) defect major VTM
#1025 --TargetOutputLayerSet=<intermediate OSLs> fails to decode defect major VTM
#1093 Bugs in BPSEI and PTSEI defect major VTM
#1291 Mismatch between spec and software in BPSEI and PTSEI defect major VTM-10.0 VTM
#1296 Packed YUV output in VTM decoder doesn't work anymore defect major VTM-10.0 VTM
#126 bug for calculating target bits in rate control in case of TemporalSubsampleRatio not equals to one defect minor VTM
#139 patch complementary for #126: about frame rate format in case of rate control defect minor VTM
#143 runtime error when INTRA_FULL_SEARCH set to 1 defect minor VTM
#206 Support .y4m input defect minor VTM
#208 Bug in DMVR when wrap around MC is enabled defect minor VTM
#226 Windows debug & release coding results not the same when IBC is ON for VTM4.0 defect minor VTM
#287 Fast encoder search for MTS defect defect minor VTM
#294 ALF disabling at slice and tile boundaries not working defect minor VTM
#295 Mismatch with spec on bS derivation when both sides of the edge have intra_bdpcm_flag equal to 1 defect minor VTM
#314 Mismatch with spec on sao_merge_left_flag and sao_merge_up_flag defect minor VTM
#339 Mismatch between SIMD_ENABLE macro ON and OFF defect minor VTM
#342 CTU boundary position not computed correctly for Chroma deblocking defect minor VTM
#355 Undefined Behavior Sanitizer : multiple errors (encoding / decoding) defect minor VTM
#428 Correcting in files for GCC 9.1.1 (libgomp) with WPP & SPLIT PARALLELISM enhancement minor VTM
#468 ERROR: AddressSanitizer: unknown-crash defect minor VTM
#505 Missing context initialization for TsResidualSign in BDPCM mode defect minor VTM
#507 Signalling of RPL in slice header of IDR picture defect minor VTM
#518 VTM-6.0 tracing crashes with recent gcc defect minor VTM
#521 Platform-inconsistent results for palette, RA, qp=2 defect minor VTM
#523 Out ouf bounds access in EncLib::xInitRPL() defect minor VTM
#539 Add fix in EncGOP.cpp to new HDRTools v0.20+ defect minor VTM
#540 Problem with 360lib defect minor VTM
#542 The proposal displaying information on the input video. defect minor VTM
#544 Implicit partitonning issue when CtbSizeY = 128 and dual tree defect minor VTM
#548 [Tile] Wrong Intra Mode for first PU of second Tile defect minor VTM
#577 Wrong weighted prediction table signalling at encoder defect minor VTM
#616 Incorrect order of SPS flags defect minor VTM
#619 sps_mrl_enabled_flag is missing defect minor VTM
#622 Incorrect use of getComponentScaleX() for LM, DMVR, and QPA defect minor VTM
#666 FIx the wrong QP and lambda clipping in rate control defect minor VTM
#677 Memory bandwidth calculation in DMVR and BDOF defect minor VTM
#681 Incorrect scaling list dc coeff derivation in case scalingListId == PredListId defect minor VTM
#682 Incorrect IBC motion compensation in Encoder path when weighted pred is enabled defect minor VTM
#683 Encoder fails (core dump) after first picture when using a different coding structure defect minor VTM
#721 encoder crash for 444 coding of VTM master branch defect minor 360Lib
#734 VTM-7.0 has enc/dec mismatch for RPR 1.5x defect minor VTM
#793 Mismatch encode decode for YUV400 defect minor VTM
#814 Encoder/Decoder mismatch found in RA configuration when decoding concatenate bitstreams defect minor VTM
#880 Bug: In setting POC for dependent layers in DecLib.cpp defect minor VTM
#913 Invalid LevelIDC in DCI for multi-layer defect minor VTM
#918 StreamMergeApp outdated defect minor VTM
#924 Encoder crash when setting MinQTChromaISlice larger or equal to 32 defect minor VTM
#929 Encoder hangs when too few frames in source file defect minor VTM
#944 [residual_coding] wrong TransCoeffLevel derivation when ph_dep_quant_enabled_flag is 1 ? defect minor VTM
#959 Coding loss of LMCS with Kimono 420 defect minor VTM
#961 Decoding when pictures are skipped using SkipFrames (-s) does not work defect minor VTM
#977 writing outside of allocated memory defect minor VTM
#988 Decoder mismatch for lossless coding when RDOQ is enabled at config defect minor VTM
#992 Encoder bug when min QT size is 128 and intra dual tree off defect minor VTM
#1013 Missing byte alignment in general_constraint_info and other parameters defect minor VTM
#1017 Missing the check of maximum transform size when CtbSizeY is 32 defect minor VTM
#1018 Bug on calculation of dec_max_pic_buffering_minus1 in VTM defect minor VTM
#1023 Mismatch of LMCS encoder and decoder for multiple slices defect minor VTM
#1024 add check on sps_max_luma_transform_size_64_flag enhancement minor VTM
#1034 Duplicated functions for writing/parsing of prediction weight table enhancement minor VTM
#1043 Decoder crashes when encoding with command options: --MMVD=0 --FastMrg=0 --MaxNumMergeCand=1 --MaxNumGeoCand=0 defect minor VTM
#1077 Enabling dependent quantization for lossy slices in mixed lossy-lossless defect minor VTM
#1095 Rate control in current VTM does not work. defect minor VTM
#1102 SPS extension data flag cleanup defect minor VTM
#1103 PPS extension data flag cleanup defect minor VTM
#1104 Inconsistency between two rate-distortion costs in the case of a I-slice in 4:0:0 defect minor VTM
#1113 Compliance check issue after decoding skipped RASL defect minor VTM
#1138 Wrong range check for sps_num_subpics_minus1 defect minor VTM
#1144 Seg fault in several compliance check when RPL is sent and is not empty in IDR defect minor VTM
#1148 Multiple bugs in preceding IRAP, GDR pictures and subpictures defect minor VTM
#1164 Incorrect picture output order in two-layer stream defect minor VTM-10.0 VTM
#1176 Longterm Reference pictures number setting defect minor VTM
#1223 Function problem for 10bit defect minor VTM
#1227 Issue on explicit weighted prediction(related to #1215 ) enhancement minor VTM
#1244 software/spec mismatch for APS chroma present flag from R0433 integration enhancement minor VTM
#1264 JVET-Q0814: incorrect calculation / verification of VPS DPB parameters defect minor VTM
#1274 clarity improvement for DMVR bounding box enhancement minor spec
#1275 Wrong indent in defect minor spec
#1276 Typo of xIntL, yIntL, xFracL, and yFracL defect minor spec
#1277 "top-left" (with hyphen) and "top left" (without hyphen) defect minor spec
#1278 Typos in Table 127 defect minor spec
#1279 Typo in Table 51 defect minor spec
#1280 Subclause number missing in defect minor spec
#1281 Typo in defect minor spec
#1282 Unnecessary input for defect minor spec
#1284 Confusing language in profile definitions (A.3.1) defect minor spec
#1286 LTRP_A_ERICSSON_1: current picture in reference picture list defect minor Conformance
#1287 Order of operations in Table 127 defect minor spec
#1288 Typo defect minor VVC D10 spec
#1290 Issue with ISP when nTbH = 1 defect minor spec
#1293 availability flags availableFlagConstK are not initialized defect minor spec
#1294 Issue with SPS parameter set update defect minor VTM
#1295 Typo in defect minor spec
#1298 Last rectangular slice in frame is not always locate in bottom right corner enhancement minor VTM
#1299 Missing initialization of subpic_treated_as_pic_flag when not present defect minor VTM
#1300 Possibility of PredFlagL1 to be 1 in P Slice when subblokc-based temporal merging candidate is chosen defect minor spec
#1301 Missing assignment of predFlagLXSbCol in defect minor spec
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