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Valgrind detects uninitialized variables are being used

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Valgrind detects errors related to unitialized variables being used in the master version d2495882 in the inter search. The test was conducted with BasketballPass in RA with QP37 and 17 frames. Errors already appear in the first non-I frame, such as this one:

VVCSoftware: VTM Encoder Version 6.3 [Linux][GCC 7.2.1][64 bit] [SIMD=AVX]

TOOL CFG: IBD:1 HAD:1 RDQ:1 RDQTS:1 RDpenalty:0 LQP:0 SQP:0 ASR:1 MinSearchWindow:96 RestrictMESampling:0 FEN:1 ECU:0 FDM:1 CFM:0 ESD:0 TransformSkip:1 TransformSkipFast:1 TransformSkipLog2MaxSize:5 ChromaTS:1 BDPCM:0 Slice: M=0 Tiles:1x1 MCTS:0 CIP:0 SAO:1 ALF:1 TransQuantBypassEnabled:0 WPP:0 WPB:0 PME:2 WaveFrontSynchro:0 WaveFrontSubstreams:1 ScalingList:0 TMVPMode:1 DQ:1 SignBitHidingFlag:0 RecalQP:0
NEXT TOOL CFG: LFNST:1 MMVD:1 Affine:1 AffineType:1 PROF:1 SubPuMvp:1+0 DualITree:1 IMV:1 BIO:1 LMChroma:1 CclmCollocatedChroma:0 MTS: 1(intra) 0(inter) SBT:1 ISP:1 SMVD:1 CompositeLTReference:0 GBi:1 GBiFast:1 LADF:0 MHIntra:1 Triangle:1 AllowDisFracMMVD:1 AffineAmvr:1 AffineAmvrEncOpt:1 DMVR:1 MmvdDisNum:6 JointCbCr:1 PLT:0 IBC:0 HashME:0 WrapAround:0 LoopFilterAcrossVirtualBoundaries:0 Reshape:1 (Signal:SDR Opt:0) MIP:1 EncDbOpt:0
FAST TOOL CFG: LCTUFast:1 FastMrg:1 PBIntraFast:1 IMV4PelFast:1 MTSMaxCand: 4(intra) 4(inter) ISPFast:0 FastLFNST:0 AMaxBT:1 E0023FastEnc:1 ContentBasedFastQtbt:0 UseNonLinearAlfLuma:1 UseNonLinearAlfChroma:1 MaxNumAlfAlternativesChroma:8 FastMIP:0 FastLocalDualTree:1 NumSplitThreads:1 NumWppThreads:1+0 EnsureWppBitEqual:0 RPR:0TemporalFilter:0

==30624== Warning: set address range perms: large range [0x15197040, 0x43c5c840) (undefined)
==30624== Warning: set address range perms: large range [0x59e3f040, 0x713a1c40) (undefined)
==30624== Warning: set address range perms: large range [0x713a2040, 0x88904c40) (undefined)

started @ Tue Oct 29 16:49:22 2019

POC 0 TId: 0 ( I-SLICE, QP 34 ) 29696 bits [Y 35.7816 dB U 39.4648 dB V 39.3892 dB] [ET 1358 ] [L0 ] [L1 ] [MD5:b888f486cc3cadc9e658354687ebfe5d,e5516be7a2a34f57394b13f2e79dead2,9a2cc6a4919f94dcc362dcafab46e084]
==30624== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
==30624== at 0x5AA8EE: EncCu::xEncodeInterResidual(CodingStructure*&, CodingStructure*&, Partitioner&, EncTestMode const&, int, bool*, double*) (EncCu.cpp:4319)
==30624== by 0x5AE045: EncCu::xCheckRDCostAffineMerge2Nx2N(CodingStructure*&, CodingStructure*&, Partitioner&, EncTestMode const&) (EncCu.cpp:3345)
==30624== by 0x5B6837: EncCu::xCompressCU(CodingStructure*&, CodingStructure*&, Partitioner&, double) (EncCu.cpp:795)
==30624== by 0x5BB2D0: EncCu::compressCtu(CodingStructure&, UnitArea const&, unsigned int, int const*, int const*) (EncCu.cpp:380)
==30624== by 0x51BCAB: EncSlice::encodeCtus(Picture*, bool, bool, unsigned int, unsigned int, EncLib*) (EncSlice.cpp:1644)
==30624== by 0x51DB1C: EncSlice::compressSlice(Picture*, bool, bool) (EncSlice.cpp:1349)
==30624== by 0x4F909B: EncGOP::compressGOP(int, int, std::list<Picture*, std::allocator<Picture*> >&, std::list<UnitBuf<short>*, std::allocator<UnitBuf<short>*> >&, bool, bool, InputColourSpaceConversion, bool, bool) (EncGOP.cpp:2624)
==30624== by 0x504A3B: EncLib::encode(bool, PelStorage*, PelStorage*, InputColourSpaceConversion, std::list<UnitBuf<short>*, std::allocator<UnitBuf<short>*> >&, int&) (EncLib.cpp:680)
==30624== by 0x40D2B1: EncApp::encode() (EncApp.cpp:820)
==30624== by 0x406CAF: main (encmain.cpp:153)

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