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Mismatch encode decode for YUV400

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Component: VTM Version: VTM-7.1
Keywords: Cc: ksuehring, XiangLi, fbossen, jvet@…


The VTM raises an error Exceeded FIFO size reading bitstream.

My source is cloned at the commit bd9038ff700ff886f23fc1834f24ef7c1dec66b8, branch master.

+ My built VTM decoder works well on YUV420.
+ HM (HEVC) decoder can decode the bitstream of YUV400 source but the VTM decoder.

./EncoderAppStatic -i ./test.yuv -b ./test_enc_400.vvc -o ./recon_from_enc_400.yuv --InputBitDepth=8 --OutputBitDepth=8 --InputChromaFormat=400 -fr 15 -wdt 640 -hgt 360 -c ../cfg/encoder_intra_vtm.cfg -q 37 -f 1

** WARNING: --JointCbCr has been disabled because the chromaFormat is 400 **
TOOL CFG: IBD:1 HAD:1 RDQ:1 RDQTS:1 RDpenalty:0 LQP:0 SQP:0 ASR:0 MinSearchWindow:8 RestrictMESampling:0 FEN:1 ECU:0 FDM:1 CFM:0 ESD:0 TransformSkip:1 TransformSkipFast:1 TransformSkipLog2MaxSize:5 ChromaTS:1 BDPCM:0 Tiles: 1x1 Slices: 1 MCTS:0 SAO:1 ALF:1 WPP:0 WPB:0  WaveFrontSynchro:0 WaveFrontSubstreams:1 ScalingList:0 TMVPMode:1  DQ:1  SignBitHidingFlag:0 RecalQP:0
NEXT TOOL CFG: LFNST:1 MMVD:1 Affine:1 AffineType:1 PROF:0 SubPuMvp:1+0 DualITree:1 IMV:1 BIO:0 LMChroma:1 HorCollocatedChroma:1 VerCollocatedChroma:0 MTS: 1(intra) 0(inter) SBT:1 ISP:1 SMVD:0 CompositeLTReference:0 Bcw:0 BcwFast:0 LADF:0 CIIP:0 Triangle:0 AllowDisFracMMVD:1 AffineAmvr:0 AffineAmvrEncOpt:0 DMVR:0 MmvdDisNum:8 JointCbCr:0ACT:0 PLT:0 IBC:0 HashME:0 WrapAround:0 LoopFilterAcrossVirtualBoundaries:0 Reshape:1 (Signal:SDR Opt:0 CSoffset:2) MRL:1 MIP:1 EncDbOpt:0
FAST TOOL CFG: LCTUFast:1 FastMrg:1 PBIntraFast:1 IMV4PelFast:1 MTSMaxCand: 4(intra) 4(inter) ISPFast:1 FastLFNST:1 AMaxBT:1 E0023FastEnc:1 ContentBasedFastQtbt:0 UseNonLinearAlfLuma:1 UseNonLinearAlfChroma:1 MaxNumAlfAlternativesChroma:8 FastMIP:1 FastLocalDualTree:0 NumSplitThreads:1 NumWppThreads:1+0 EnsureWppBitEqual:0 RPR:0 TemporalFilter:0


./DecoderAppStatic -b ./test_enc_400.vvc -o recon_from_dec_400.yuv

VVCSoftware: VTM Decoder Version 7.1 [Linux][GCC 5.4.0][64 bit] [SIMD=AVX2]

ERROR: In function "read" in ..../VVCSoftware_VTM/source/Lib/CommonLib/BitStream.cpp:293: Exceeded FIFO size

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