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#969 Typo in new minor spec
#973 Missing inputs when invoking process new minor spec
#974 Incorrect shiftHor derivation of GEO new minor spec
#975 Typos in JVET-Q2001-vE new minor spec
#976 A bug about IBC virtual buffer new minor spec
#977 writing outside of allocated memory new minor VTM
#981 Mismatch when slice_ts_residual_coding_disabled_flag is enabled reopened minor VTM-8.1 VTM
#985 Typo in palette coding syntax ( new minor spec
#986 The range for PaletteEscapeVal in semantics new minor spec
#988 Decoder mismatch for lossless coding when RDOQ is enabled at config new minor VTM-8.1 VTM
#989 Typo in semantics of run_copy_flag on palette mode new minor spec
#990 Misleading definition of limited EGk binarization, leading to errors in its invocation new minor spec
#992 Encoder bug when min QT size is 128 and intra dual tree off new minor VTM
#993 Spec and VTM s/w mismatch on clipping residual bit-depth of IACT new minor spec
#994 typo in the parsing condition for tu_cb_coded_flag related to SBT new minor spec
#998 Typos in the derivation of neighbouring luma samples of CCLM new minor spec
#1002 Wrong upper bounds of numTopRight and numLeftBelow in Specification of INTRA_LT_CCLM, INTRA_L_CCLM and INTRA_T_CCLM intra prediction mode new minor spec
#1005 Rectangular slice map – CTU map in wrong order. reopened minor VTM-8.1 VTM
#1010 Spec and VTM mismatch on chroma QT split at picture boundary new minor spec
#1011 Mismatch on top/left neighbouring luma samples padding in CCLM new minor spec
#1012 Mismatch on the selected neighbouring sample list in CCLM new minor spec
#1013 Missing byte alignment in general_constraint_info and other parameters new minor VTM
#1017 Missing the check of maximum transform size when CtbSizeY is 32 new minor VTM
#1018 Bug on calculation of dec_max_pic_buffering_minus1 in VTM new minor VTM
#1022 Unused filter in CCLM new minor spec
#1023 Mismatch of LMCS encoder and decoder for multiple slices new minor VTM
#1026 Mismatch on Inverse JCCR between SW and Spec new minor VTM
#1027 SW/text mismatch on sample clipping in LMCS new minor spec
#1030 Wrong chroma ALF virtual boundary position for 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 sequences new minor spec
#1032 Typo in Derivation process for IBC luma block vector prediction new minor spec
#1034 Duplicated functions for writing/parsing of prediction weight table new minor VTM
#1035 RPL constraint for RADL picture new minor spec
#1040 prediction unit new minor spec
#1043 Decoder crashes when encoding with command options: --MMVD=0 --FastMrg=0 --MaxNumMergeCand=1 --MaxNumGeoCand=0 new minor VTM
#1045 Bug in checking independent layer in JVET-P0101 multi-layer POC new minor VTM
#1046 CCAlfConstraintFlag new minor VTM
#1048 inter-layer prediction is not allowed for IRAP pictures new minor VTM-8.1 VTM
#1049 Incorrect default values for chroma collocated flags new minor VTM-9.0 VTM
#1054 Encoder can't create less constrained DCI than current encoding new minor VTM
#1056 Typos in JVET-R2001-v8: and Table 51/126/131 new minor spec
#1057 invAngle calculation issue new minor spec
#1059 Issue on ApplyLfnstFlag new minor spec
#1066 Mismatch between spec and VTM in derivation process of ctxInc for the syntax element mtt_split_cu_vertical_flag new minor VVC D7 vC spec
#1067 The discrepancies between PROF with affine AMVP and PROF with affine MERGE new minor spec
#1068 Issue on bins counting in encoder new minor VTM
#1069 Issues in HRD related text new minor spec
#1070 Issues in VPS syntax and semantics new minor spec
#1071 Issue with no_tsrc_constraint_flag new minor spec
#1072 MSYS2, MinGW64, GCC 10.1: stringop-overflow in UnitTools.cpp new minor VTM
#1073 MotionModelIdc undefined when cu_affine_type_flag is not present new minor spec
#1074 Typo differenty new minor spec
#1075 Typo in equation numbering for new minor spec
#1076 Mismatch between spec and VTM on assignment of ctxInc to amvr_precision_idx new minor VVC D7 vC spec
#1077 Enabling dependent quantization for lossy slices in mixed lossy-lossless new minor VTM
#1078 Slice level lambda calculation based on dependent quantization new minor VTM
#1079 Typo in derivation process of ctxInc for coeff_sign_flag new minor VVC D7 vC spec
#1080 MemorySanitizer: use-of-uninitialized-value in DecApp.cpp new minor VTM
#1081 An editorial bug in Note 6 under semantics of sps_num_ref_pic_lists[ i ] new minor spec
#1082 An editorial bug in semantics of rpl_idx[ i ] new minor spec
#1083 The number of candModeLists in PU::getIntraMPMs of UnitTools.cpp is different from the number in JVET_R2001_V10.docx new minor VTM
#1084 Byte alignment and extension signalling missing in GCI new minor VTM
#1085 Undefined cntT and cntL in new minor spec
#997 Calling of arguments in clause new trivial spec
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