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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#930 mismatch between software and spec. on the maximum number of merge candidates in picture header defect minor spec
#931 Incorrect table reference in defect minor spec
#932 Typo of abs_level_gtx_flag in Table 131 defect minor spec
#933 Typo of par_level_flag in defect minor spec
#934 Potential issue in determining vertical luma interpolation filter coefficients task minor spec
#936 Mismatch between SW and spec on context initialization defect minor spec
#937 Mismatch between SW and spec on parallel merge estimation region defect minor VTM-8.1 VTM
#938 HMVP candidate indexing bug in and defect minor spec
#939 Incorrect ctxIdx value of residual syntaces in 9.3. defect minor spec
#940 Potential issue in the range of MaxNumGpmMergeCand defect minor spec
#941 Incorrect value of gdr_or_irap_pic_flag defect minor VTM-8.1 VTM
#942 refWraparoundEnabledFlag miss-aligned between inputs of and defect minor spec
#943 JVET-Q0346: Non-existent scaling list default matrix defect minor spec
#944 [residual_coding] wrong TransCoeffLevel derivation when ph_dep_quant_enabled_flag is 1 ? defect minor VTM
#945 Typo of slice_cc_alf_cr_enabled_flag, alf_ctb_cc_cr_idc and alf_ctb_flag defect minor spec
#946 Minor editorial modification in 8.4.2. defect minor spec
#947 Mismatch when using parcat, related to ALF defect minor VTM
#948 typo in PPS definition defect trivial spec
#949 typo in picture_header_in_slice_header_flag semantic defect trivial spec
#950 NumSubLayersInLayerInOLS derivation defect minor spec
#951 Issue on intra_subpartitions_split_flag defect minor spec
#952 alf_ctb_flag[][][] array index bug in defect minor spec
#953 sps_num_lasdf_inrervals_minus2 in Versatile Video Coding (Draft 8) is different with VTM source defect minor spec
#954 Issue on lmcsCW value range defect minor spec
#955 Redundant condition on DBF maxFilterLength derivation defect minor VVC D10 spec
#956 Spec bug in the definition of the A0 saptial merge candidate defect minor spec
#957 Factor SubWidthC used with scaling_win_top_offset? task minor spec
#958 ph_rpl_idx and slice_rpl_idx? defect minor spec
#960 typo in bitstream conformance requirement defect trivial spec
#961 Decoding when pictures are skipped using SkipFrames (-s) does not work defect minor VTM-12.1 VTM
#962 Typo in defect minor spec
#963 Typo in defect minor spec
#964 Issues in semantics of picture timing SEI message defect minor spec
#965 Missing opening brace in scaling_list_data syntax defect minor spec
#966 Incorrect mv clipping for subpictures in clipMv function defect minor VTM-8.1 VTM
#967 typo in Subpicture sub-bitstream extraction process defect trivial spec
#968 typo on VclAssociatedSeiList and PicUnitRepConSeiList defect trivial spec
#969 Typo in defect minor spec
#970 Small typo in SEI related text defect minor spec
#971 Typos in 6.5.1 CTB raster scanning, tile scanning, and subpicture scanning processes defect minor spec
#972 Typo in semantics of slice_explicit_scaling_list_used_flag defect minor spec
#973 Missing inputs when invoking process defect minor spec
#974 Incorrect shiftHor derivation of GEO defect minor spec
#975 Typos in JVET-Q2001-vE defect minor spec
#976 A bug about IBC virtual buffer defect minor spec
#978 Encoder crashes with HRD for the last GOP of the sequence and decoder crashes with HRD defect minor VTM-8.1 VTM
#979 Editorial fix for the first VCL NAL derivation defect minor spec
#980 Issue on CCALF BD estimation defect minor VTM
#982 Typo in Q2007: and defect minor VUI/SEI
#983 misalignment of VTM and spec when signaling rect_slice_flag in PPS defect minor VTM-8.1 VTM
#984 Typo in writing Deblocking Cb, Cr Beta and Tc offsets in PictureHeader defect minor VTM-8.1 VTM
#985 Typo in palette coding syntax ( defect minor spec
#986 The range for PaletteEscapeVal in semantics defect blocker VVC D10 spec
#987 Assertion on min_qp_prime_ts_minus4 failed at decoder when internalBitDepth is set to 8 and inputBitDepth is set to 10 defect minor VTM-8.1 VTM
#989 Typo in semantics of run_copy_flag on palette mode defect minor spec
#990 Misleading definition of limited EGk binarization, leading to errors in its invocation defect minor spec
#991 mismatch with spec and Encoder bug related to JVET_Q0471_CHROMA_QT_SPLIT defect minor VTM
#992 Encoder bug when min QT size is 128 and intra dual tree off defect minor VTM
#993 Spec and VTM s/w mismatch on clipping residual bit-depth of IACT defect minor spec
#994 typo in the parsing condition for tu_cb_coded_flag related to SBT defect minor spec
#995 Editorial suggestion for picture_header_in_slice_header_flag single slice constraint enhancement minor spec
#996 Chroma factor applied twice after combination of scaling window proposals defect minor spec
#997 Calling of arguments in clause defect trivial spec
#998 Typos in the derivation of neighbouring luma samples of CCLM defect minor spec
#999 JVET-Q0488 Integration - PicUnitRepConSeiList defect minor spec
#1000 film grain SEI encoder use wrong bits to signal num_model_values_minus1 defect minor VTM-8.1 VTM
#1001 Wrong clipping ranges in formulas (355) and (356) defining the number of available neighbouring chroma samples numSampT and numSampL for CCLM defect minor spec
#1002 Wrong upper bounds of numTopRight and numLeftBelow in Specification of INTRA_LT_CCLM, INTRA_L_CCLM and INTRA_T_CCLM intra prediction mode defect minor spec
#1003 encoder crash when setting large min QT size defect minor VTM
#1004 Subpictures – Motion clipping missing for affine prediction. defect minor VTM-8.1 VTM
#1005 Rectangular slice map – CTU map in wrong order. defect minor VTM-9.0 VTM
#1006 Rectangular slice map – No rectangular slice initialization. defect minor VTM-8.1 VTM
#1007 Rectangular slice map – CTU to subpicture mapping never initialized. defect minor VTM-8.1 VTM
#1008 Subpictures – Unable to change subpicture IDs. defect minor VTM
#1009 Subpictures – Overflow in subpic ID. defect minor VTM
#1010 Spec and VTM mismatch on chroma QT split at picture boundary defect minor VVC D10 spec
#1011 Mismatch on top/left neighbouring luma samples padding in CCLM defect minor spec
#1012 Mismatch on the selected neighbouring sample list in CCLM defect minor spec
#1013 Missing byte alignment in general_constraint_info and other parameters defect minor VTM
#1014 VTM software not align with spec for DQ and SDH signalling in SPS defect minor VTM-8.1 VTM
#1015 bug when a tile contain multiple slices defect minor VTM-8.1 VTM
#1016 Use of uninitialized value due to missing WP reset defect minor VTM-8.1 VTM
#1017 Missing the check of maximum transform size when CtbSizeY is 32 defect minor VTM
#1018 Bug on calculation of dec_max_pic_buffering_minus1 in VTM defect minor VTM
#1019 Naming of same_qp_table_for_chroma defect trivial spec
#1020 wrong integration of text about six_minus_max_num_merge_cand, five_minus_max_num_subblock_merge_cand, six_minus_max_num_ibc_merge_cand, max_num_merge_cand_minus_max_num_geo_cand defect minor spec
#1022 Unused filter in CCLM defect minor spec
#1023 Mismatch of LMCS encoder and decoder for multiple slices defect minor VTM
#1024 add check on sps_max_luma_transform_size_64_flag enhancement minor VTM
#1025 --TargetOutputLayerSet=<intermediate OSLs> fails to decode defect major VTM
#1026 Mismatch on Inverse JCCR between SW and Spec defect minor VTM
#1027 SW/text mismatch on sample clipping in LMCS defect minor spec
#1028 NumEntryPoints in R0481 defect minor VVC D7 vC spec
#1029 Encoder/Decoder Mismatch occurs when RDOQ is disabled defect minor VTM-9.0 VTM
#1030 Wrong chroma ALF virtual boundary position for 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 sequences defect blocker VVC D10 spec
#1031 prohibited MER size can be set in VTM defect minor VTM-9.0 VTM
#1032 Typo in Derivation process for IBC luma block vector prediction defect minor spec
#1033 Mismatch spec/VTM on RefPicLtPocList set defect minor spec
#1035 RPL constraint for RADL picture defect minor VVC D10 spec
#1036 Typo in CR beta/tc offset of slice header defect minor spec
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