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#125 Encoder and decoder mismatch when ConstrainedIntraPred is turned on defect minor VTM-3.1 VTM
#129 CPR in VTM can result in different results depending on platform defect minor VTM-3.1 VTM
#130 Incorrect scaling operation in triangle list derivation defect minor VTM-3.1 VTM
#131 Small issues and typos in affine and subblock TMVP specification text defect minor VVC D3 v5 spec
#132 Mismatch between specification and software in the order of syntax elements for intra prediction defect minor VTM
#133 Tool flags are added to SPSNext() defect minor VTM-4.0 VTM
#134 VTM can result in different kbps under different platform XiangLi defect major VTM-3.1 VTM
#136 Potential bug in transform coefficient zero-out of large TUs defect minor VTM
#137 CCLM parameter derivation condition is wrong in spec defect minor spec
#138 compilation error when JVET_J0090_MEMORY_BANDWITH_MEASURE set to 1 defect minor VTM-3.1 VTM
#140 inconsistent results when CPR is on XiangLi defect major VTM-3.1 VTM
#141 Memory release problem in HMVP XiangLi defect minor VTM-3.1 VTM
#142 Mismatch between specification and software in the order of derivation process for subblock-based temporal merging base motion data defect minor spec
#146 Context for intra_luma_ref_idx defect minor spec
#147 Bugs and typos in text related to coefficients coding defect minor spec
#148 ClipH function issue defect minor VVC D4 v1 spec
#149 CPR and reference picture reordering crashes decoder defect minor VTM-4.0 VTM
#150 Triangle merge list zero-MV candidates not properly initialized defect minor VTM
#151 Reference wraparound bugs defect minor VTM
#152 Sub-PU TMVP can generate an invalid inter candidate defect minor VTM
#153 MMVD selects GBI index from invalid array defect minor VTM-4.0 VTM
#154 Availability check for CPR/IBC chroma CU reference block is missing defect major VVC D4 v1 spec
#155 M0264 HMVP with GBI Index sets GBI index incorrectly defect minor VTM-4.0 VTM
#156 M0464 integration applies transform skipping to chroma defect minor VTM
#157 Bug in deblocking if max transfrom size is smaller than 64 defect minor VTM
#158 small typo in description of maxTtSize defect trivial spec
#159 Encoder/decoder mismatch defect blocker VTM-4.0 VTM
#160 Windows debug release version coding results not the same for some frames defect major VTM-4.0 VTM
#161 valgrind reports many errors in DepQuant.cpp defect major VTM-4.0 VTM
#162 valgrind reports errors in BestEncInfoCache::isValid defect major VTM-4.0 VTM
#163 DebugBitstream broken defect minor VTM-4.0 VTM
#164 Deblocking filter doesn't use correct data for IBC blocks defect major VTM-4.0 VTM
#165 Mismatch between Spec and software defect minor spec
#166 Derivation error with the context of IBC flag defect minor VTM
#167 Spec issue related to integration of JVET-M0238 defect major VVC D4 v2 spec
#168 Interaction between M0140 (SBT) and M0297 (MTS Zero Out) defect minor VTM-4.0 VTM
#169 M0102 ISP breaks non-ISP prediction defect minor VTM
#170 Draft/software misalignment for M0421 defect minor VTM-4.0 VTM
#171 Encoder crash: Negative shift in TrQuant.cpp defect major VTM-4.0 VTM
#172 Typo in tileIdx range for NumCtusInTile defect minor spec
#173 M0427 reshaping not being applied to lossless/PCM blocks defect minor VTM-4.1 VTM
#174 SW and Spec mismatch related to wide angle defect minor VTM-4.0 VTM
#175 Incorrect derivation of CCLM parameter b defect major VVC D4 v2 spec
#176 reshaper and hash ME may use wrong IBC mode indication defect minor VTM-4.0 VTM
#177 Encoder decoder mismatch for VTM-4.0rc1 defect major VTM-4.0 VTM
#178 valgrind error related to JVET-M0823 defect minor VTM-4.0 VTM
#179 HDR Anchor encoding crashes with VTM4.0 defect major VTM
#180 Encoder crash when using MaxDeltaQP defect minor VTM
#181 Fix of the DQP signaling when there are multiple luma TUs defect minor VTM-4.0 VTM
#182 SSE reconstruction can overflow defect minor VTM
#183 valgrind error in CU::isGBiIdxCoded defect minor VTM
#184 JVET-M0908 (deblocking): mismatch between text and software defect minor VTM-4.0 VTM
#185 Compilation error with JVET_M0140_SBT when JVET_M0464_UNI_MTS is disabled defect minor VTM-4.1 VTM
#187 same picture check in HMVP mismatch with software defect major spec
#188 Encoder crash when set MaxNumMergeCand less than 4 defect minor VTM-4.0.1 VTM
#189 VTM (encoder and decoder) not compiling when deactivating SIMD defect minor VTM
#190 Encoder crash when set DepQuant to 0 defect major VTM
#191 DebugBitstream broken by M0427 initialization defect major VTM-4.1 VTM
#192 Crash (Seg fault) at getAffineMergeCand() defect critical VTM-5.1 VTM
#193 getIBCMergeCandidates() does not consider JVET_M0170_MRG_SHARELIST defect minor VTM-4.0.1 VTM
#194 Decoder does not compile when REUSE_CU_RESULTS is deactivated defect minor VTM-4.1 VTM
#195 Mismatch on class F when AMVR is off and IBC is on defect major VTM-4.0.1 VTM
#196 Enc/Dec mismatch for Inter MTS in class F defect minor VTM-4.0.1 VTM
#197 Mismatch between parallel and sequential encoding under RA conditions defect major VTM-4.0.1 VTM
#199 bug in shaper for high bitdepth defect minor VTM-4.0.1 VTM
#200 NULL-pointer crash of VTM 4.0.1rc1 in HDR config after JVET_M0428_ENC_DB_OPT integration defect critical VTM-4.0.1 VTM
#201 VTM encoder not compiling when activating SPLIT_PARALLELISM defect minor VTM-5.0 VTM
#202 pcm data signaled before pred_mode at encoder defect minor VTM-4.0.1 VTM
#203 Mismatch between VTM and spec on cbf parsing defect minor VTM
#205 Encoder fails encoding with --TransquantBypassEnable=1 defect minor VTM
#208 Bug in DMVR when wrap around MC is enabled defect minor VTM
#210 M0147 DMVR interpolation filter incorrect for bit depth != 10 defect minor VTM
#211 M0483 IBC Bugs defect minor VTM-4.1 VTM
#212 Inferred value of sign_data_hiding_enabled_flag defect minor VTM-4.1 VTM
#213 M0277 FIX_PCM_DISABLEFILTER broken defect minor VTM-4.1 VTM
#214 M0147 - Mismatch of an adopted element(25 points) in VTM defect major VTM-4.1 VTM
#216 qtbtt_dual_tree_intra_flag and partition_constraints_override_enabled_flag coding defect minor spec
#218 Bug in MCTS when DMVR is used defect minor VTM-4.1 VTM
#220 missing condition check for pruning process of IBC spatial merge candidates defect minor spec
#221 Wrong width and height assignment for share merge list defect trivial VVC D5 v3 spec
#222 SCC TGM sequence performance drop from VTM-4.0 to VTM-4.0.1 due to HashME defect major VTM-4.1 VTM
#223 Mismatch between Spec and Software related to ISP defect minor spec
#224 JVET-M0281 for IBC AMVP defect minor spec
#227 Redundant condition defect minor VVC D5 v3 spec
#228 Reconciling DMVR spec text with software ticket #214 defect critical VVC D5 v3 spec
#229 M0101_HLS - Byte Alignment Backwards defect minor VTM-4.1 VTM
#230 wrong memory bandwidth calculation in DMVR defect minor VTM-5.1 VTM
#231 Infinite loop in constructReshaperSDR() defect minor VTM-5.0 VTM
#232 Mismatch between specification and software for triangle merge mode weighted prediction defect minor VVC D5 v3 spec
#233 Exception thrown when LADF enabled due to missing initialization defect minor VTM-5.0 VTM
#234 N0196 – Six tap interpolation filter for affine prediction defect minor VTM-5.0 VTM
#235 N0280 – Transform Skip Residual Coding defect minor VTM
#237 N0413 – DPCM Reference Sample Filtering defect minor VTM-5.0 VTM
#239 Fix the rate control with WCG_EXT defect minor VTM-5.1 VTM
#244 Wrong CABAC bin type classification when RExt__DECODER_DEBUG_BIT_STATISTICS is enabled defect minor VTM-5.0 VTM
#245 spec, software mismatch of boundary partition for corner case defect minor spec
#246 Inconsistent bits calculation for different merge modes at encoder defect minor VTM
#247 Fix of size constraint for triangle merge mode when MMVD is disabled in SPS defect major VTM-5.0 VTM
#248 Small issues and typos defect minor VVC D5 v3 spec
#249 sym_mvd_flag is missing in the context tables defect major spec
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