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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1437 vtm bugs In function getModifiedWideAngle defect critical VTM-11.0 VTM
#818 Extend border of picture correctly defect major VTM
#1470 Possible mismatch spec/VTM CC-ALF defect major VTM
#1500 problem with croma components for format 4:2:2 packed defect major VTM
#1506 Clarification question on spec vs VTM for temporal motion buffer compression process for collocated motion vectors enhancement major VTM-14.0 spec
#1507 Clarification questions on VTM compression for collocated motion vectors defect major VTM-14.0 VTM
#1579 VTM 18.0 compiled on Linux in debug mode with range extension decodes incorrectly some v2 conformance streams defect major 360Lib
#70 Typos in VVC D2 v4 defect minor 360Lib
#79 Mismatch between spec. and BMS/VTM 2.0 for MPM derivation defect minor BMS
#80 Mismatch in chroma mode coding description in text compared to software defect minor spec
#135 DCT2 transform matrix down-sampling might be wrong in the spec defect minor spec
#204 Encoder fails encoding with -PCMEnabledFlag=1 and -InputBitDepth=10 defect minor VTM
#334 cu_qp_delta_abs is not using context coding defect minor VTM
#342 CTU boundary position not computed correctly for Chroma deblocking defect minor VTM
#351 VPS is not repeated at random access points defect minor VTM
#365 Slice::checkCRA( ) crashes decoder defect minor VTM
#478 MVD value may exceed entropy coding limit in VTM-6.0 defect minor VTM
#483 MVD value may exceed entropy coding limit of 32 bits in CABACWriter::exp_golomb_eqprob defect minor spec
#490 VTM 6.0 crash in SCC TGM conditions defect minor VTM
#502 Mismatch between SW and Spec on PDPC to angular intra modes defect minor spec
#506 The condition checks of RowHeight[ i ] prior to the signaling of brick_split_flag[ i ] and uniform_brick_spacing_flag[ i ] defect minor spec
#531 Signalling of virtual boundaries in PPS defect minor VTM-6.2 VTM
#558 parameters not defined in section (CCLM prediction) defect minor spec
#634 intra_mip_flag signalling condition issue in VVC D7 vA defect minor spec
#642 typo in function xPredIntraPlanar defect minor VTM
#643 VTM 7.0rc1 fails to build under Visual Studio defect minor VTM-7.0 VTM
#684 Misalignment between VTM and VVC draft for PDPC defect minor VVC D7 vC spec
#706 Minor editorial issue for CclmEnabled derivation in 8.4.4 defect minor spec
#741 nal_unit_type for all pictures of a CVSS AU defect minor VVC D7 vC spec
#743 Line 1539 code of DepQuant.cpp in VTM master source seem to be error defect minor VTM
#750 Mismatch with spec regarding delta QP signaling defect minor VTM
#795 Referencing dependent layer APS defect minor spec
#831 alf_cc_cb_mapped coeff_abs and alf_cc_cb_mapped coeff_abs unbounded defect minor spec
#875 ERROR: In function "codeSliceHeader" in VLCWriter.cpp:2383: when pic_intra_slice_allowed_flag = 0, no I_Slice is allowed defect minor VTM-8.0 VTM
#911 Incorrect decoding information ":,(unk)" defect minor VTM
#944 [residual_coding] wrong TransCoeffLevel derivation when ph_dep_quant_enabled_flag is 1 ? defect minor VTM
#954 Issue on lmcsCW value range defect minor spec
#995 Editorial suggestion for picture_header_in_slice_header_flag single slice constraint enhancement minor spec
#1001 Wrong clipping ranges in formulas (355) and (356) defining the number of available neighbouring chroma samples numSampT and numSampL for CCLM defect minor spec
#1018 Bug on calculation of dec_max_pic_buffering_minus1 in VTM defect minor VTM
#1020 wrong integration of text about six_minus_max_num_merge_cand, five_minus_max_num_subblock_merge_cand, six_minus_max_num_ibc_merge_cand, max_num_merge_cand_minus_max_num_geo_cand defect minor spec
#1026 Mismatch on Inverse JCCR between SW and Spec defect minor VTM
#1064 Mismatch spec/VTM in wide angle intra prediction mode mapping process defect minor VTM
#1083 The number of candModeLists in PU::getIntraMPMs of UnitTools.cpp is different from the number in JVET_R2001_V10.docx defect minor VTM
#1085 Undefined cntT and cntL in defect minor spec
#1096 The function of IntraPrediction::getWideAngle() is different from of JVET-R2001-v10.doc defect minor VTM
#1097 Mismatch spec/VTM in PDPC process ( defect minor VTM
#1100 Mismatch spec/VTM in PDPC process for wT and wL calculation defect minor VTM
#1120 Fix condition for TMVP defect minor VTM-9.1 VTM
#1121 Typo in equations in C.24 and C.25 of C.7 Subpicture sub-bitstream extraction process (VVC D9) defect minor spec
#1168 Mismatch between the VVC spec draft and VTM: bugs in equations (335) and (345) defect minor spec
#1187 [geo partitioning] implementation : Diff VTM versus spec ? defect minor VTM
#1298 Last rectangular slice in frame is not always locate in bottom right corner enhancement minor VTM
#1312 Mismatch of equations between spec (JVET-S2001-vG) & VTM10.0 in BDOF defect minor spec
#1427 Decoder crashes when decoding mixed NALU bitstream defect minor VTM
#1435 Mismatch on ScalingMatrixRec derivation in eq.(105) between Spec and SW defect minor spec
#1436 Mismatch on ScalingMatrixDCRec derivation in eq.(104) between Spec and SW defect minor spec
#1570 typo in ph_recovery_poc_cnt semantic defect minor VVC D10 spec
#1625 Inconsistency between spec and vtm for alf_ctb_cc_cb_idc/alf_ctb_cc_cr_idc ctxInc defect minor spec
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