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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1509 Lossless RGB encoder issue defect minor VTM-14.1 VTM
#1510 default scaling window is not set from conformance window in SPS defect minor VTM
#1511 Typo in Table 76 defect minor spec
#1513 Clarification on Rice parameter derivation process defect minor spec
#1514 Potential memory leak for m_sdiSEIInFirstAU and m_maiSEIInFirstAU defect minor VTM-14.1 VTM
#1515 Overflow in ALF derivation process when bitdepth > 10 defect minor VTM-15.0 VTM
#1516 access unit APS Nals are not reset when skipping layer defect minor VTM-16.0 VTM
#1519 Mismatch VTM/spec in DMVR process for bitdepth > 10 defect minor VTM-16.0 VTM
#1520 Subclause 8.6.1 - IBC SINGLE_TREE case processing chroma in monochrome defect minor spec
#1522 profile_idc for 16 bit profiles defect minor VTM
#1523 VTM does not compile in ARM environment defect minor VTM-16.0 VTM
#1524 Issue on CRA output when NoOutputBeforeRecoveryFlag =1 defect minor VTM
#1525 delete sps pointer in the storeSPS() function whereas it will be used later in the caller function defect minor VTM
#1526 Typo in defect minor spec
#1527 Bug in reference picture list construction for dependent layers defect minor VTM-16.0 VTM
#1528 Wrong GDR POC computation for Intra refresh area in EncCu.cpp defect minor VTM
#1529 Affine constructed candidates are misidentified as valid or invalid for GDR in getAffineMergeCand process defect minor VTM
#1533 Typos in initValue/shiftIdx Tables defect minor spec
#1535 Problem with unary_function defect minor VTM-16.0 VTM
#1537 Bad memory access in DecLib::checkLayerIdIncludedInCvss defect minor VTM
#1538 Bad value for gci_num_additional_bits defect minor Conformance
#1539 Bad value for sps_bitdepth_minus8 defect minor Conformance
#1541 remRegBins calculation in xRateDistOptQuant looks not correct for 64x64 transform defect minor VTM-16.1 VTM
#1542 QPA algorithm does not work properly when internal bitdepth is 8 defect minor VTM-16.1 VTM
#1543 BIM index out of bounds error defect minor VTM-16.1 VTM
#1544 sb_coded_flag definition lacks size of a sub-block defect minor spec
#1545 Incorrect name in bp_num_cpb_removal_delay_deltas_minus1 definition defect minor VUI/SEI
#1546 Incorrect range for m_cpbRemovalDelayDelta defect minor VTM-16.1 VTM
#1548 A bug in a constraint that requires same content for redundant copies of an SEI message defect minor spec
#1549 IsAvailable variable setting for luma component defect minor spec
#1550 Typo in (Picture header structure semantics) defect minor spec
#1551 missing conformance check on TransCoeffLevel for dependent quantization defect minor VTM-16.1 VTM
#1552 Decoder reports false conformance violation in case of single layer Multilayer stream defect minor VTM
#1554 Decoder accesses deleted SPS decoding Multilayer stream defect minor VTM
#1555 typo in (pps_num_exp_tile_rows_minus1) defect minor spec
#1556 Typo in clause (Order of VCL NAL units and their association to coded pictures) defect minor spec
#1557 Typo in writing ContentColourVolume SEI defect minor VTM-16.1 VTM
#1558 Mismatch Between Spec & VTM for MipChromaDirectFlag Derivation In YUV444 defect minor spec
#1559 Problem with inference of NoOutputOfPriorPicsFlag defect minor VTM
#1560 Typo re "maxTbSize" defect minor spec
#1561 Incorrect check for bitstream with userdata SEI defect minor VTM
#1562 Decoding Multilayer bitstream decoder extracts PTL information from SPS defect minor VTM
#1563 Decoder accesses deleted SPS decoding Multilayer stream (part2) defect minor VTM
#1564 Intra prediction ref pixel array bounds too small for wide angle defect minor spec
#1565 Invalid encoder memory access for EncDbOpt=1 and CHROMA_400 defect minor VTM
#1568 Semantics correction for pps_sao_info_in_ph_flag, pps_alf_info_in_ph_flag, and pps_wp_info_in_ph_flag defect minor spec
#1572 Sub clause C.1 -- Regarding number of test defect minor spec
#1574 wrong sps and pps IDs are used in multilayer encoding (scalable) in xWriteOutput() function defect minor VTM-18.1 VTM
#1575 ALF encoder erases APS of other layers in multilayer context defect minor VTM-18.1 VTM
#1580 wrong reference picture list L1 for incomplete GOP (typically last chunk) defect minor VTM-18.1 VTM
#1583 VTM-19.0 not compiling when the macro REUSE_CU_RESULTS is equal to 0. defect minor VTM-19.1 VTM
#1584 neural_network_post_filter_characteristics.cfg contains unknown parameters defect minor VTM-19.1 VTM
#1586 Syntax bugs on the NNPFC SEI message defect minor VTM-19.1 VTM
#1593 Figure 5 in the VVC specification shows the incorrect number of slices defect minor spec
#1596 Encoding crash when DeltaQpRD is used defect minor VTM-21.0 VTM
#1597 Incorrect parsing of nnpfc_constant_patch_size_flag defect minor VTM-21.0 VTM
#1598 Y4M reader not handling chroma-format `420mpeg2` correctly defect minor VTM-21.0 VTM
#1599 Decoding a Y4M encoded bitstream do not retain framerate defect minor VTM-21.0 VTM
#1601 STILL_B_1 / STILL_B_ERICSSON_1 checksum and OPL difference ksuehring defect minor Conformance
#1604 NNPFC SEI constraints related to frame-rate upsampling purpose are not reached defect minor VTM-21.0 VTM
#1605 VSEI (V3) defect minor VUI/SEI
#1607 Wrong sign (+ instead of -) in Fig 16 Flowchart for decoding a decision in the ITU text defect minor spec
#1608 out-of-bounds array access after MR 2589 defect minor VTM-22.0 VTM
#1613 Issue with transform skip encoder threshold under non-CTC conditions defect minor VTM
#1615 Encoder crash in visual studio debug mode build defect minor VTM-22.1 VTM
#1616 NNPFC SEI nnpfc_chroma_sample_loc_type_frame value is checked even when not signalled defect minor VTM
#1621 Compilation issue in non-X86 environments defect minor VTM
#1622 There are uninitialised NNPFC attributes in SEI.h defect minor VTM
#23 Mismatch between sequential and parallel encoding when intra period equals to GOP size defect trivial JEM
#39 encoder bug of delta QP defect trivial HM-16.6-JEM-4.1 JEM
#158 small typo in description of maxTtSize defect trivial spec
#221 Wrong width and height assignment for share merge list defect trivial VVC D5 v3 spec
#320 Typos defect trivial VVC D5 v9 spec
#371 Avoid reading unused slice-level elements for joint coding of chroma residuals (JCCR) when sps_joint_cbcr_enabled_flag == 0 defect trivial VVC D6 vD spec
#529 DirectDependentLayerIdx derivation typo defect trivial spec
#587 One remaining PPS virtual boundary semantic defect trivial spec
#605 Editorial comment in Derivation process for subblock-based temporal merging candidates enhancement trivial spec
#637 Redundant pps_seq_parameter_set_id in PPS defect trivial spec
#638 Typo of pps variable in picture header defect trivial spec
#689 Unused variable in eq. (7-2) in section Video parameter set RBSP semantics defect trivial spec
#690 typo in semantic of each_layer_is_an_ols_flag defect trivial spec
#692 typos in eq.(7-5) in section Video parameter set RBSP semantics enhancement trivial spec
#693 Typo in eq.(7-6) in Video parameter set RBSP semantics enhancement trivial spec
#694 Typo in eq.(7-7) in Video parameter set RBSP semantics enhancement trivial spec
#737 mismatch of sps_palette_enabled_flag and sps_act_enabled_flag coding order defect trivial spec
#738 unnecessary configure warnings when setting MaxNumTriangleCand to less than 6 enhancement trivial VTM-10.0 VTM
#739 sps_subpic_id_signalling_flag not defined defect trivial VVC D7 vC spec
#769 Not matched names between pps_joint_cbcr_qp_offset_value in syntax table/semantics and pps_joint_cbcr_qp_offset in eq.(1124) enhancement trivial spec
#801 redundant index reference for num_tiles_in_slice_minus1 defect trivial spec
#905 Typo sps_idr_rpl_flag in defect trivial spec
#906 typo for number of extra SH bits defect trivial spec
#907 output_flag_present_flag semantic defect trivial spec
#921 A typo in equation 87 defect trivial spec
#948 typo in PPS definition defect trivial spec
#949 typo in picture_header_in_slice_header_flag semantic defect trivial spec
#960 typo in bitstream conformance requirement defect trivial spec
#967 typo in Subpicture sub-bitstream extraction process defect trivial spec
#968 typo on VclAssociatedSeiList and PicUnitRepConSeiList defect trivial spec
#997 Calling of arguments in clause defect trivial spec
#1019 Naming of same_qp_table_for_chroma defect trivial spec
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